IWB Weight Loss Program-Post Pregnancy Success Story


IWB Weight Loss Program-

Post Pregnancy Success Story

Hello Everyone,

We have worked with hundreds of clients through IWB weight loss program. Most of the clients share their happiness in some really sweet words. I am sharing with you a special post pregnancy success story, which unfortunately was lost in my ever flooding mail box 🙁

This story is of a very sweet woman who had lost hopes of losing weight after pregnancy. Like most women, she came to us who was not confident of her “new” self. She could not believe what she saw in the mirror everyday. When I received her email, I knew she wants to lose weight and she wants in bad. When you want something bad, with all your desperation and motivation, you do everything what it takes! And this lady did exactly the same.
Let me share what she has to share about her post pregnancy success story through IWB weight loss program –
I lost hopes on losing any weight till i stumbled upon your Indian Weight Loss Blog. Immediately mailed on IWB program and an immediate response from the team was like a ray of hope.
I did a lot before like 10,000 steps a day challenge, GM diet and calorie counting. I tried gym, curves circuit training etc. I even resorted to positrim but nothing was for a long time since I could not stick on and was getting weak or tired rather than losing any weight.
Post Pregnancy Success Story
Two Great things about IWB program – One, IT WORKS! Best thing I have done is bought a digital scale and I weighed in every day for the first week and you wont believe but I lost 300 grams every day consistently! Its a great boost and motivating factor! The weigh scale moved! Secondly. Daily motivation by logging onto spreadsheet! And trust me, you will love it!
                                                                      Weight loss program pic 03Weight loss program pic 04
So far, over 12 weeks with a break of almost 1.5 weeks, I lost 7 kg and about 11 inches. My body fat reduced by 6% and BMI moved from Obese to Overweight! All very motivating for me to embark on another 3 months of this program to become the healthy self I was 3 yrs ago.
Overall, a lot of changes not just physically but mentally also. I am a lot more confident and most importantly back to my old happy self!
IWB team is AWESOME!

Wasn’t this an inspiring weight loss story?


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