IWB Client’s Sheryl Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Story


IWB Client’s Sheryl

Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Story

Hi Everyone,

We bring to you another amazing transformation story of our client! This is the second time we selected a post pregnancy weight loss story. Usually new mothers are busy with their babies and hence losing weight is their second priority, first like expected is the Kiddo! But this woman is different! Meet Sheryl – the new mom and here we are with her Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Story.

Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Story

Sheryl has lost approximately 9kgs in 45 days! When she sent her first email to IWB team expressing wish to join our weight loss program, she was a bit doubtful. She stated that she is a big foodie and she was so confused how she would do “dieting”. Well, we assured that she won’t need to starve and the rest is history.

Let’s us hear what Sheryl has to say!

Hi…I’m Sheryl, 30 yrs old resident of Mumbai. I used to weigh 60 kgs when i was 25 and the kilos just added with the years till I weighed 74kgs in 2013 when I  was expecting . I thought my weight increase post pregnancy would not be an issue as it  would be back to 74 kgs post delivery, but it was not the case even after a year post delivery and was weighing 86 kgs by June 2015 end.
I have tried couple of weight  loss programmes and read many articles of success. I always wondered as to when i would be writing such an article and thanks to IWB’s amazing weight loss programme, i am wrirting one today. I have reduced almost 9 kgs in 45 days and now weigh 77 kgs, but that is not the only positive.
Let me tell you that i’m a foodie and unlike other weight loss programmes this one allows you to have a lot of tasty stuff as they customize the diet plan as per your cuisine. Moreover on days when i felt down as there was no significant weight loss, i also had someone from IWB to keep me motivated as the feedback and replies are amazingly prompt. I would get a reply to my queries within an hour max.

If this story has inspired you, please email us on fitnessvsweightloss@gmail.com


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