Post-Run Headaches- How To Prevent Them?


Post-run headaches- How to prevent them?

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Our sedentary lives leave little space for running. Cave men would have been doing a lot of running around for their food and perhaps for escaping from dangers. Do we run for food?? We actually just walk till the kitchen or at most drive our way to the supermarket. There is just no room for running. So, running is done today as a workout to remain fit.


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A lot of people have lost weight just by running. You can read the story of  Swati on our blog who lost weight by running regularly here.

Great!! When you run you feel really good from inside as the breeze blows on your face. You are not tired, hungry, dizzy or in pain. You just feel like going on and on. You reach home all happy and content at heart. After an hour passes does a dull headache take over your happiness? If this happens to you, let me tell you that you are not alone.

Why do you have a headaches post run and what you should do?

1) The possible reasons of having a headache can be several, one of them can be not drinking enough water throughout the day. The way out is, as you all know, to drink water during the day and also consume fluid and water containing fruits and veggies. This will make your bathroom visits frequent but then staying hydrated is essential.

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2) The time of the day you are choosing for running also matters. If you are planning to run late evening then you should remember to keep a water bottle handy and keep sipping it throughout the day. If you want to run in the morning you should make sure that you were hydrated during the night. Before heading out it would be a good idea to sip at least 250 ml of water.

3) Now, another factor to keep in mind is the duration of your run and the climate. If you run for less than one hour and the climate is cool then you need not hydrate yourself during your run. But, if you are running for more than one hour and the climate is hot and is making you perspire a lot then it would be advisable to carry an electrolyte drink along. This is needed because you lose essential salts and water when you sweat. Also make it a point to consume fruits and veggies that are electrolyte-rich during the day before your run. The list of electrolyte rich fruits and veggies include:

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4) Apart from dehydration, there can be chances of low levels of blood sugar and this can cause headaches. In order to balance your blood sugar it becomes essential to include foods rich in carbs, fat and protein before you run. An hour or two before your workout have a fruit and nut bar or a whole wheat toast with peanut butter. After your run too you should make it a point to have a nourishing snack that should have both carbs and proteins in them.

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5) Another cause of headache can be a kind of tightness in the neck or in the shoulders. Make sure that you stretch properly after your run. You need to stretch out your neck, upper back and shoulders. After that it would a pretty good idea to soak yourself in a hot water tub or have a hot water shower (the shower is more practical as water tubs waste a lot of water and we have serious water troubles in our country :P). You can also give yourself a good self-massage too if you like getting pampered even if it is with your own hands!

However, if such post-run and post-workout headaches are occurring regularly then you should be visiting your doctor as there might be a serious health concern.

Do keep the above in mind and ward off post run headaches!

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