Post Workout Binging- Ways To Prevent It

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Post Workout Binging- Ways To Prevent It

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Your workout is going on fine? Good! Are you unable to view the results on the weighing scale? I think this is what is happening with you:

You just finished your workout and came in to the kitchen. You are starving! You pick up a jumbo pack of chips and gobble the entire thing down, thinking that you have worked quite hard and have actually earned the pack of chips. On the contrary, you are actually putting all the hard work down the drain. Post Workout Binging- Ways To Prevent It

Many people resort to junk food after a workout thinking that they deserve it. Yes, it is essential to refuel your body post workout but you should not go overboard. Agreed that it is easy to preach, when a person is voraciously hungry he or she will not think about what is getting inside them. So, how to prevent post workout binges?

Here is how you should go about it!

Plan beforehand

Planning ahead can help you a long way. People have busy lifestyles these days. After your workout, you have to meet your friends for a brunch. Great! You should go! But, make do plan what you are going to eat ahead of time. You can make your choice while working out so that you realize how much effort you are putting in to stay in shape and you shouldn’t be losing it all in a jiffy! If you are already bent on having a healthy and delicious meal post your workout, you are less likely to indulge in unhealthy stuff.

Have a quick snack before your workout

If you happen to go to the gym or for a run with a hungry stomach, you are only going to get hungrier post workout. You won’t be able to think straight and gobble up at the first thing that comes your way. Don’t worry, there is a way out, you can have a healthy snack that has protein, healthy fat and carbs in it. They will keep you satisfied even after your workout. Even your trainer at the gym would suggest that you should have a healthy snack before sweating it out at the gym You can have a fruit, a handful of almonds, some dark chocolate or even cheese before your workout.

Convince your mind and stomach

You need a bit of self-talk to get rid of the post workout over-snacker inside you. Just think of the time you spent in the gym and recall how hard you have worked. Question yourself-“Why should I let all my hard work go down the drain?” , “I have spent time doing good for my body. Why should I waste it? It may seem easy but it is difficult to convince the mind at times. You can conquer the binge eater in you with a little pep talk.

Zero in on healthier version of what you are craving

cauliflower pizza bites

You can crave for yummy things post workout! The point is you can choose the healthier version of it. Craving pizza? No problem, order a thin crust, whole-wheat pizza with lots of veggie toppings and go easy on the cheese. If you are a low carber then this trick is not for you. But if you have the energy after your workout to make a pizza or yourself you try one with a cauliflower base (as shown in the pic. It is low in carbs too 😉 ), to know the recipe click here!

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