5 Common Post Workout Mistakes


Common Post Workout Mistakes

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It is not unusual to see some people sabotage their weight loss efforts by committing common post workout mistakes. Of course that happens unintentionally otherwise who would want to throw their hard work down the drain 😛

Want to know where you are going wrong? Keep reading!

1) Going overboard with cardio

Skater switch- Burn Calories With Chair Cardio Exercises

Your cardio session should be right after strength training but you must be careful. First, avoid cardio after a strenuous leg workout. Don’t do it for more than 20 mins in that case. A 30 minute cardio is fine otherwise; just ensure not to push yourself too hard as there may be a higher risk of a burn out.

2) Not stretching

stretching can hurt you 1

After doing strength training, you should be doing a 20 min cardio and after that you should stretch. Not stretching is a big post workout mistake. You may feel that it is not very important and hence just skip it. There are so many benefits of stretching that I can practically just go on and on! Also not stretching is associated with many risks. Avoiding stretches can make you suffer from muscle soreness and fatigue that will most probably force you to skip your next workout. Stretching just takes 5 mins, and I don’t think there is any good reason to skip it.

3) Eating carbs

Fruits, vegetables and seeds spelling the word low carb
Fruits, vegetables and seeds spelling the word low carb

Avoid carbs in your post workout meal. Though it is essential to eat within 30 mins after the workout, you should choose to fuel up with protein. Have more of chicken, eggs, fish, chickpeas, tofu and the like. Studies say that protein is essential post workout as it helps muscles grow and repair.

4) Waiting too long for post workout meal

woman_clock_lose weight

You should have a meal straight after a workout and not wait for more than 1 hour. Your meal should have protein, salad and fibre. You can also include a healthy protein shake along. Proteins will help your muscles in recovering faster after a hard workout.

5) Choosing wrong rehydrating drinks

sports-drink running myth

Most sports beverages have more than 300 calories and loads of sugar in them. It would best to avoid them after your workout. In order to recover faster, your muscles need lots of water, perhaps a protein shake or a cup of milk. If you really feel dehydrated post working out, you can try a hand at medicated ORS (oral rehydration solutions), instead of the ones available commercially, as they have essential salts and minerals that your body needs.

Probably now you know where you are going wrong and will correct yourself.

Hope you found this post on common post workout mistakes useful!

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