Post Workout Sugar Free Spinach Smoothie

spinach smoothie recipe

Post Workout Sugar Free Spinach Smoothie

Hello Fitness lovers,

Today I am here to share another healthy smoothie recipe which is Sugar Free Spinach Smoothie.Well, spinach is surely a very healthy leafy vegetable which tastes great. in various recipes but drinking it as a smoothie may not appeal much to everyone’s liking! :-p

But believe me I too wasn’t very convinced to try out this smoothie only because of the taste. Well, I tried it and loved it absolutely so I thought of sharing with all of you guys. I hope you like it and try it soon.

spinach smoothie recipe


  • Fresh Spinach Leaves (3-4 bunches)
  • 1/2 Cup water
  • 1/2 Banana (ripe)
  • 1/2 apple (sliced)
  • 1/2 Pear (sliced)


Method Of Preparation-

A smoothie is basically very easy to prepare when you have little time after your workout session. It is easily made in 5-7 minutes time and you can always go for this healthy breakfast option on days when you are running out of time but cannot compromise with your healthy diet.

First of all take the spinach leaves and was it thoroughly under running water and keep aside in a strainer. Now blend the spincah leaves along with half cup of water in the mixer to form a smooth liquid.

Now add half banana, half apple and half pear (cut into slices) and blend them altogether in the mixer. Your healthy Sugar Free Spinach Smoothie is ready. This is an ideal breakfast option and you can have it when  you are back from the gym  after an intense workout session.

I usually have it with a chicken recipe with my breakfast so that it doesn’t get boring each day.

smoothie breakfast idea

Those who are not much into having spinach in their daily diet and don’t like the taste may initially start with just four leaves of it and can gradually increase the amount when they have developed a taste for it. I used to have a few leaves at first and now I add the same amount of spinach, as shown above, in my smoothie.

Drinking smoothie has various benefits for the good health. First it doesn’t contains any added ingredients like sugar or anything and is purely organic. You need to make sure that the spinach and other fruits are washed properly. You may not have spinach leaves in its true form but in a smoothie it gets mixed with the other fruits and you can’t really resist its taste.
Spinach is a delicate leafy vegetable which is considered essential for the overall immune system and consists of some important nutrients like iron, zinc, magnesium, folic acid which are considered essential for the body in balanced amounts. Usually, cooking spinach leaves may lead to a decrease in the nutrition provided by it due to the boiling effects, but when a smoothie is prepared out of it, all the nutrients are retained which is an added benefit.
Drinking smoothie also helps in the proper bowel movement and ensures good digestion due to the fiber content provided by the fruits and spinach leaves. The water content present in the fruits is yet another advantage as it keeps the body hydrated enough for long hours.
I hope you liked this easy and quickly prepared Sugar Free Spinach recipe. Do share your favorite smoothie drink! Hope you try this one and find it equally tasteful and healthy.
You can try this Sugar Free Strawaberry Smoothie as well, in case you can’t stand drinking Spinach! 🙂

Have you tried  this Sugar Free Spinach Smoothie Before?-

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