5 Postpartum Weight Loss Tips


5 Postpartum Weight Loss Tips

Pregnancy tends to have a tremendous effect on the mind and body of a woman! As the delivery date nears one is conscious mainly about how everything should go in a smooth away and your months of wait, preparedness and excitement with  nervousness are all put to test on the day of delivery! Well, before the delivery it doesn’t occur to a woman about how much weight she has put on and how she is going to manage that because all the focus is on the well being of a child and not on her body!

Well, after the baby is born, suddenly there is no excuse taken for the extra weight a mother is carrying and she is expected to cut back all the excess pounds like immediately and expected to be back in her pre-pregnancy body shape!


Most of the times, women themselves don’t seem to care much but the people around her compel her thoughts about her own body!

Well, losing postpartum weight is not an easy cake and requires a lot of determination and time to take small steps! Here I would like to point some weight loss tips to lose the postpartum weight n the right manner!

Decide when you are ready-

Losing weight should not come as forced upon you because someone advised you to lose weight quickly! It should be like when the baby is a little grown up and your body is ready to take the after effects of exercising and running! You should always start your fitness regime in moderation because you cannot just jump on one day out of nowhere and are left behind pain in the legs or arms due to the sudden movement of your body parts!


Take out time each day and do few sessions of brisk walking, mind running, skipping etc. to warm up your body and get it prepared for some intense workouts in the later months to fasten the weight loss process! Never forget to stretch your body after any type of physical activity to ease out the pain!

Watch your intake-

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After delivery of the baby, it is always advised by medical experts to feed the new born and for that you have to be eating healthy food so as to be able to produce more milk! But there is a huge difference between eating healthy and eating more! Don’t rely on the high carbs and fats in the food menu and resort your self to more protein intake to make your diet fit for your baby itself! It is what you eat that goes in your baby’s system!

Emotional Well being-

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A lot of studies have found that stress is also a major cause of excess weight and so first of all it is important for a mother to accept her postpartum body and have a positive approach to being healthy. A woman should include anti-inflammatory substances in her diet which give a boost to the metabolism along with enhancing the spirits for a better outlook!

Breastfeed your baby-

It has been largely observed that those woman who breastfeed their babies are known to lose the pregnancy weight more quickly because it is a process which burns high amount of calories in a single breast feeding session! Eat right and healthy, take lot of fluids and feed your baby because by far that is a little amount of physical activity that will take away lots of your calories! 🙂

Manage time for workouts-

If someone said that you need to wait for few months  before you start exercising to lose the pregnancy weight, then don’t pay heed to that! You can start exercising as early as you feel unless you have gone a C-section as then the stitches are fresh and the doctor won’t advise the same! Well, if you are fit to start then you can utilize the long baby sleep hours for some mild physical activity! You can take your baby out in a stroller and walk a good distance and you don’t need to ask anyone or your husband to baby sit while your are away working out! 🙂

Well, I hope these tips gives you a thumbs up to start your postpartum weightloss journey! 🙂

Have you tried these Postpartum weight loss tips?

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