Power Yoga For Weight Loss-Does It Work?


Power Yoga For Weight Loss-Does It Work?

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‘Yoga makes you flexible’. You would have heard that! But yoga also helps you lose weight. I guess you are aware of that too as you know many celebs do yoga to keep themselves fit and fine and of course youthful. It tones the body and provides mental calm too.

Let us have a look at power yoga and its weight loss benefits. Talking about power yoga, its roots lie in Ashtanga Yoga. Ashthanga yoga synchronizes the breath with a series of postures. The process produces intense heat internally as a result of which the person practising it will sweat. The sweat that occurs while doing Ashthanga yoga detoxifies the muscles and organs. There is an improved circulation in the body making it strong with a calm mind.

Power yoga

It has been presented in a more accessible and easy-to-adapt way to the western world. Power yoga has become popular all around the globe as it offers a whole body workout. It increases flexibility, tones the body and builds strength. Power yoga, being one of the most modern forms of yoga has made use of the ancient knowledge and made it fit into the mould of today’s need of weight loss and fitness. It has made yoga an instant hit in the western world due to its fast pace. Also today’s generation doesn’t feel as if they have done a solid workout if they don’t sweat.

My Yoga Experience and Weight Loss

This type of yoga is swift and will make a person perspire. You will be made to shift from one asana to another with very few moments in between. Power yoga is good for strength training because you will constantly be lifting and holding the entire weight of your body. Isn’t that great!

Power yoga helps in flushing out toxins from the body in the form of sweat. It also enhances immunity as there is an increase in drainage of lymph (which is a fluid having immune cells). Proper drainage of lymph helps the lymphatic system in fighting infection, removing toxins and also killing cancerous cells in the body.

Coming to talk of weight loss, power yoga burns 200 calories in one hour, thus, promoting weight loss. Along with the burning of calories it helps in building lean muscle mass. Once you gain lean muscle mass, you will be burning calories even at rest! Power yoga also helps in increasing the body’s metabolism and helps in fat burning. A cardio session can burn more number of calories but what it burns is not necessarily fat. By doing more and more cardio, you may deplete reserves of muscle mass and this is not good for long term weight loss.

How should you go about doing power yoga if you aim at weight loss?

How to lose weight

When you aim at weight loss and fat burn, you can easily do 2 sessions of power yoga a week with your regular workout routine. If you are more into cardio and do not lift weights yet, power yoga will help in strengthening your body and preparing your muscles to be able to lift weights. A mixture of power yoga and cardio is a sustainable weight loss plan.

Hope you will start doing power yoga to shed the excess kilos.

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