Practical tips for the lazy bum to stay healthy and in shape


Practical tips for the lazy bum to stay healthy and in shape

Yes, lazy bum me and some of you, if not all of you – so today I am going to share an inspiring write up (my friends follow), which I hope would make a difference. Now, stop chuckling and let’s get started, shall we?

Reed thin bodies are so passé so please stop depriving yourself of eating the right foods in a bid to be thin. And, for heavens sake you don’t need to spend a bomb working out to look like a beef cake! Here are some practical and very easy ways to be fit – it includes exercising as well. Please read on and be happy to learn more.

tips fot lazy bumsHitting the sack

If you sleep for less than seven hours a night, you could have heart issues at a later stage in life, say experts. Insomnia too can release plenty of ‘stress-related’ hormones – cortisol in large quantities would increase blood pressure levels and diabetes in the body too – cardiovascular issues! Hence, make it a point to have 8 hours of sleep every night.

Blowing bubbles

As easy as blowing bubblesThis was a favourite pastime for me as a kid – I haven’t grown out of it yet, and maybe wouldn’t. But, blowing bubbles, I learnt is the best way to improve your breathing. When you blow bubbles, the lips and the mouth, along with the respiratory muscles are pursed and puckered – stop pouting for the cameras, blow bubbles and breathe right.

Music is my therapy

health benefits of music 6From the old 70s pop to the retro’s, I love them all. Music helps me fuel my workout better – walking, jogging and even step-jogging is fun. Power walks and Yoga with good music for company; why not? Whatever works for you mate, it should be energising and upbeat – you’d workout more without knowing about it.

Smile more

sb10062287c-015That is why my grandma LIVED HER LIFE TO 84 – she always had a smile. A megawatt smile can produce tons of positive brain signals – and a happy face brings in more happiness. You’d live extra and the facial muscles get to work out too.

Find a gym buddy

How To Start Workout In GymOr a workout buddy to help you reach your goals, to motivate you and to snuggle you, when you are down. Do this with your best friend, your lover, your family member, your spouse or anyone you are closest to. Your stress levels, anxiety and eating disorders would be gone and soon.

thali-meal- healthy south indian foodFinally, I would say, enjoy your meals and your life – be grateful for everything you have; stop comparing your life with the rest – it didn’t do good for anyone till date. You should savour your meals, because when you give respect to what is on your plate, your body gets the respect it deserves – health and well-being. And yes eat chocolates too. Chocoholics like me would love this point – chocolates have flavonols in them, antioxidants too. All of this helps with the blood circulation in the body and to the brain. The antioxidants fight the damage done by free-radicals; helps keep cancer and tumours at bay as well. Now let’s stop being lazy bums, will you – share with us your plans on keeping fit, take a pledge and be healthy from now!

Are you the one who needs to follow these tips for the lazy bum to stay healthy and in shape?


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