Prestige Centrifugal Juicer Experience & Worst Customer Service With Future Bazzar Shopping


Prestige Centrifugal Juicer Experiece 

Today I am going to share a horrible shopping experience of one of my close relatives. Let us start with the order. He ordered a juicer from the reputed brand Prestige. As it was a product of a well-known brand, he was sure of the quality and good customer care. He got it online from another well-known e-commerce site– Future Bazar. What happened after this is unexpected of big names.

Prestige juicer review (2)

Trouble began with the very first use of the centrifugal juicer. After just 1-2 minutes of running, the juicer started to emit burning smell. At the same time the filter got chocked and the juice started going into the waste-bucket. To add to the woes, the waste bucket got full too quickly due to its small size and as a result, the waste started falling in the juice.


prestige juicer review

Such sub-standard product is not what you expect from a brand which pays big bucks to celebrities to endorse its products. After feeling totally frustrated, he wrote to Future Bazar customer care and their response didn’t help. Their response was quick but they said that it was too late to return the product. This too when he explained that he was out of town for some days so couldn’t even open and check the product during their warranty period. It was because of the trust on brand names.

Future Bazar said a flat ‘No’ on the pretext of company policies and made money in the process for a useless item.

My relative was disappointed and he decided to never shop at Future Bazar again.

Long story?? But here is the climax-

They took out the juicer again this year to make some carrot juice. The juice entered the entire machinery and caused short circuit. His wife just escaped a electric shock. This probably is the worst a brand can offer.


Prestige juicer worst


You can go through the below emails which took place between them to know how unprofessional prestige as a company is.



Prestige replacement bad services


Prestige company India worst experience

Such incidents make people lose trust in brands and also in online-shopping. The customers can still tolerate delays but getting a completely out-of order product is intolerable.

The companies should respond immediately to customer queries and solve them. But the brands tend to forget that the customers have made them ‘Brands’ and the consumers can also break the ‘Brands’.

I would request everyone here to not to shop anything from future bazzar or Prestige again and waste your money as well as time.

 Do let us know if you also had the similar experience with Prestige And Future Bazaar Shopping ?

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  1. I have their citrus juicer which gave me prblm in one month of its use. The service center took 2months to rectify the issue.gave me silly excuses that the new motor they fit turned out to be defective and hence they had to order another motor so it took them 2months to fix my issue. Later I wanted to replace a component of the juicer and went to buy a spare. They told me that they will have to order it from their main hardware center. I kept following up with them for 4-5months but they only kept saying that we have placed the order with the hardware center and it will come. Iss baat ko 2yrs ho gaye aur abtak woh log spare ko hardware center se order kar hi rahe hai..

  2. Hi,

    I am Priya from Future Group. I am sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. I have escalated this issue to the concerned team. I request you to write to me at with your contact number and reference id 12843 so that we can get in touch with you.

    Future Group Care

    • Priya, this is really disappointing. I appreciate that you addressed this issue. But not everyone has access to a forum like this for grievance. How can you respond to a customer like this when he complains personally ? Just because this issue is on a platform, you are scared of your reputation being hurt !

  3. Great Ana….Atleast now we know that there is someplace where we can write….Thanks for helping us….and for sure I am far away from future bazaar and prestige..

  4. HI Priya ,

    Unfortunately, you people just blamed Prestige for it and got away with it..Problem still is intact.

    Future Bazaar should make sure that their customers gets the product replaced or refund the whole amount.


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