How To Prevent Abdominal Obesity


How To Prevent Abdominal Obesity

Hey, How is your life? Mine is super hectic, I need another day off to relax.

I am happy to see a lot of new readers on IWB. Most of the questions that have been asked, deal with Abdominal obesity or Paunch or Muffin Top, or Belly Fat. You will see a lot of posts around these topics in the coming days. I had been thinking about how to Prevent Abdominal Obesity.

Indian women generally are fuller in figure. The fat deposition is majorly on areas like abdomen/stomach/arms/thighs/butt. You might say that I have named all the possible areas :P.But see I have spared legs, back and ummmmmm …. Still 2 areas left, not bad huh 😀 ?

Now this post is about the causes of abdominal obesity or how to prevent abdominal obesity.

how to reduce paunch
The person who has abdominal obesity may not be obese in general. It takes a lot of guts to say this but still I would like to share this with you. I have been chubby since childhood but have never been obese. But I am suffering from abdominal obesity. I have major fat deposition on abdomen and upper arms. I am not top heavy, nor do I have huge thighs or butt.

Does this make me sad ? Does this lower my confidence ? Needless to say, the answer is affirmative. I am forced to pick up clothes that flow lose from my belly. I juggle between sizes M that fits me properly otherwise but tight on belly and L that is double my body frame ! I shudder while trying dresses in trial rooms 🙁

Belly fat not only makes you low on confidence, it makes you more vulnerable to diseases. Let’s find out more about Abdominal obesity.,

What is Abdominal Obesity?

– Excessive fat around the stomach area. For women, area below the breast till lower belly is considered as abdomen. Abdominal obesity can happen to anyone irrespective of age and gender. I am sure you must have witnessed children and teenagers suffering from abdominal obesity. One of the cause of abdominal obesity in such a young age could be inheritance from their parents.

Causes Of Abdominal Obesity

There is no hard and fast reason why some people have abdominal obesity. But genes have a great role to play here. Decreased Insulin sensitivity, hereditary or hormonal issues, late night binging, excess junk food intake, excess stress, gastric issues, slow metabolism are some of the reasons of Abdominal obesity.

How To Prevent Abdominal Obesity

I and Mr. Fit both agree that more than exercise, proper diet is a must if you want to stay away or get rid of abdominal obesity. N it takes a lot of effort, consistency is the only key !

Abdominal obesity is a clear sign of high insulin level or stress hormone. There is no other way to succeed but to mend your eating habits. Prevention is the best way, but that does not mean Abdominal obesity can’t be cured. Despite thyroid, anemia and high testosterone, I have managed to kick off 2 inches in last 2 months.

There is nothing new that I am going to reveal to get rid of abdominal obesity. But thing is we know it all, but we don’t follow it all !

  • First things first, sleep for 7-8 hours. You cannot deny the importance of good sleep, read here.
  • Drink water as if there is no tomorrow. I know this is my usual dialogue, i am thinking of patenting it 🙂 . Water flushes out all useless things from your body.
  • No late night binging( read maggi, pasta , namkeen, farsaan, candies, chocolate… yeah all the stuff that you can cook in no time or hide under your mattress ). Some of the healthy snacks you can have when you are hungry at midnight are here.
  • Watch out portion size. Eat in small plates and chew your food properly. Eat slow and enjoy your meal.
  • Throw away sugary foods, junk and soft drinks.
  • Don’t use artificial sweeteners. All of them are chemicals!
  • Eat fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Eat small meals, and keep grazing. Our ancestors were never fat since they did not have the concept of 3 meals a day. Eat after every 3-4 hours.
  • Workout for 30-45 minutes of 5-6 times a week. Mr. Fit will mostly come out with a new workout plan for abdominal obesity soon.
  • Don’t ditch fat ! We don’t become fat by eating fat. Have fat in moderation !
  • Keep your stress in check. Rejuvenate yourself often.
  • Last, but one of the most important thing – pep up your metabolism. Read it about here and here. Add supplements to your diet which can help you burn more fat like antioxidants, fat burners, vitamin supplements etc. I will give you a glimpse of all the supplements I am using very soon and review them one by one.

Do you have any more tricks that have worked for you in preventing abdominal obesity?


  1. Drink water like no tomorrow..Ha ha so true! Following all the tips will not only reduce belly fat but improve our overall health as well.

  2. Lolz :P. I always panic when water in my bottle is about to get over 😛

    yeah these tips are must for being healthy

  3. “I am sure you must have witnessed children and teenagers suffering from abdominal obesity”. Yes, many a times. Even children under 10 years of age and I always used to think how come :-O, because till my teens my stomach used to be absolutely flat. Thanks to you, I got my answer :).
    And yes I definitely give more points to food habit compared to exercises if it is about losing belly fat. I have heard all famous fitness experts saying “abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym” because abs is 80 percent about losing belly fat and only 20 percent about definition.

  4. Hey,

    I have been a silent reader of your blog since around 6 months now but never left a comment….out of laziness u can say…but today i really cant leave the page without saying a big thank you to all of you over here..Tarun, Anamika, Mr.Fit, Minisha, Priyanka . I have always failed with my weight loss journey due to motivation. I just cant keep it going for more then a week but i gt a catch here..I just came and visit this site and bang i am motivated.

    I have at least started my journey and positive that will stick to it this time.Thanks you all once again.


  5. Hi Seema,

    Welcome to IWB. You have made my day :). I am glad that you commented. Be with us, IWB team will make sure that you keep going and never get demotivated 🙂


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