Prevent Aging Due To Inflammation – How?


How To Prevent Aging Due To Inflammation?

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The most inevitable truth of life is that we all get old with the passage of time. Do you know why you age? Scientists have found that aging is due to molecular processes and one thing that tops the list is chronic inflammation. When you are able to reverse chronic inflammation with the help of a healthy lifestyle it can be possible to avoid chronic diseases due to aging and you can ensure a healthy life span.

Inflammation- Diseases begin in the gut

What exactly is inflammation?

Don’t get bent on demonizing inflammation immediately. It is a normal and in fact much needed component of a healthy immune system. You are quite familiar with the redness and swelling that follows an insect bite. This is called inflammation at work. Scientists feel that a systemic, chronic, and low-grade inflammation chiefly contributes to aging. Chronic inflammation is painless and undetectable unlike acute inflammation that is painful and causes discomfort.

How inflammation causes aging?

Scientist Claudio Franceschi has combined the words inflammation and aging and has come up with the term ‘inflammaging’ to describe what aging due to inflammation means.

Inflammaging is a complicated process that makes our body produce more of pro-inflammatory signals such as cytokines.  There is also a release of reactive oxygen species and they cause oxidative damage to the cells and tissues of the body.

To bring forth the significance of chronic inflammation, scientists have discovered that it is an underlying process in almost all age-related diseases such as type 2 diabetes, arthritis, atherosclerosis and neurodegenerative illnesses such as Alzheimer’s.

After knowing about chronic inflammation, is there anything we can do to reduce the damaging effects of inflammaging?

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Gut microbes play a role in chronic inflammation and aging

Microbes residing in our intestines have a central role to play in physiology, metabolism and nutrition. Lack of microbial diversity in the gut is linked to chronic diseases.

The nutrients in the gut decide which species of microbes can thrive in there. Eating processed foods containing high sugar and trans fats creates an environment that denies some nutrients like plant polysaccharides to friendly microbes. The friendly microbes soothe the immune system and provide anti-inflammatory by products. The right way to increase diversity of gut microbes is by eating a diverse diet with lots of fruits and veggies having prebiotic fibre. Consuming probiotic-containing foods like yogurt, fermented veggies and kefir can also help promote diversity.

It is never too late

The plain truth is that nobody wants to age in an unhealthy manner. You can make lifestyle choices today to promote a healthy and productive lifespan. It is never too late or too early to start! Inflammaging is a process that goes on lifelong; youngsters, middle aged people and the elderly can get benefitted from the efforts to reduce chronic inflammation. You can start by making good diet choices as research suggests that you can prevent aging due to inflammation.

Food is thy medicine, never forget that! There is no drug in the world that has a better effect than healthy food choices. Bring in lots of healthy and varied foods into your diet and you can promote diversity in your gut flora. Doing so will benefit you all your life.

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