How To Prevent Neck and Back Pain From Laptop?


How To Prevent Neck and Back Pain From Laptop?

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There was a time when we used to work on desktops but after getting hooked onto the laptop I really think any of us would ever like to get back to the desktop. Isn’t that true?


On one hand where laptops have made our lives simpler by adding flexibility to it, they have also been blamed for work related back, shoulder and neck problems. There have been several cases of repetitive strain injury (RSI).

Laptops were meant for those who are always on the go and have to work on planes and trains but the scenario is different today. Thanks to the drop in prices, you can spot a laptop in every home. I would say that laptop sales have outdone the sales of desktops. You would find very few people who like working on a desktop.

Due to rise in number of people working from home there is only going to be a rise in the number of people using the laptop. It is convenient to use and you can sit of your bed and work on it. But excessive usage of the laptop results in neck, back and shoulder problems as already mentioned above.



It is inevitable that you will land up with a bad posture while working on a laptop because of their design. Experts say that this is chiefly because the keyboard is attached to the screen. The screen needs to be at an arm’s length from you but the keyboard should be near you. For that you push the laptop and this makes your hands stretch out that hunch your shoulders. This creates a bad posture. Designing a laptop with a detachable screen would be a great idea.

The weight of an average human head is quite a bit. If it stays in the ideal position, well balanced above the shoulders it is fine. But when you use a laptop, your ears are a little more forward than your shoulders. This loads your spine and it is even worse because it is a static load because you are not moving. This can result in neck and upper back problems.


This doesn’t mean that laptops are bad. They are fine if used properly. There are a lot of ways by which you can make your laptop safe and comfortable to use.

Tips on laptop use:

Tip 1: Use a separate mouse and keyboard so that the laptop can be placed on a stand and the screen can be placed at eye level.

Tip 2: Keep your laptop on a stable base where you have support for your arms. Don’t keep it on your lap.

Tip 3: Take breaks in between your work schedule. If you don’t move, it will put on a lot of stress on your joints and muscles.

Tip 4: Your sitting posture should be good with sufficient support to the lower back and also ensure that other desk equipment is easily accessible.

Build the right posture before you start facing aches. The neck, back and shoulder problems build up with time. Do proper stretching after each session on the laptop.

Now do you know How Laptop Use Affects Your Back And Neck?

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