Preventing Obesity In Children Is Important – Why?


Preventing Obesity In Children And Teenagers

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It is a pretty sad sight to see children and adolescents struggling with extra body fat. Healthcare organizations in USA have urged doctors to measure the body weight of kids and youngsters starting at the age of 6 during clinical visits. If the BMI (Body Mass Index) is found to be too high, then efforts should be made for a comprehensive behaviour modification program. This includes educational counseling for kids and their parents along with supervised physical activity. Such interventions are necessary to prevent obesity in the adult life of the kids.

Why Preventing Obesity In Children Is Important?

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Once a person becomes obese, it can lead to a lifelong battle against body weight and willpower. Then there is a typical scenario of resisting favourite foods, sweating it out doing monotonous workouts and trying yo-yo diets with weight fluctuations over a period of time. It is advised that individuals be careful so as not to become overweight in the first place by inculcating healthy habits and a healthy lifestyle. Childhood is the best time of life to start as the health-conscious habits inculcated at such a young age get into the young person’s psyche.

Usually the society considers chubby kids ‘cute’. However, science is not in favour of that. You need to spread the word around and encourage parents of young kids to understand that it is not a correct social perception. This misconception spans across adulthood too. The truth is that many overweight and obese patients are suffering with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and heart disease these days but don’t pay heed to these facts. People have slowly started to get accustomed to the idea of being overweight. It is being regarded as the new normal.

Globally most people are on the unhealthy side of weight i.e. the higher side. So, individuals having a healthy BMI of 18.5 to 23 are often regarded as undernourished or starving. Being plump is not pleasant at all. Having fuller cheeks and pot bellies can be the sign of prosperity but from the medical angle it is a sign of a wicked disease.

Child eating junk food- what are the causes of childhood obesity

Start with your own family and perpetuate healthy habits. There should be a lot of physical activity for children with lots of seasonal and regionally grown produce to snack on. Bring in a broad variety of fruits and veggies of different colours. Put a full stop to ready-to-eat processed stuff such as pastries, cakes, cookies, chips, pizzas, fizzy drinks, dough nuts and other fattening foods.

Drive the fact into the mind of your kids that living a life with obesity can be an invitation to dreadful diseases such as cancer. It can also result in a shortened lifespan. And obviously carrying too much of weight around is not easy. It can leave individuals crippled in some situations in life. You may not realize the seriousness of the fact that obesity literally kills and is threatening the survival of our species. So, you must take up this challenge on war footing.

Let us fight obesity and replace ‘fatness’ with ‘fitness’. Do your bit by keeping yourself fit and help prevent obesity in children and teenagers.

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