Priyanka’s Weight Loss Story


Priyanka’s Weight Loss Story

I hated weighing myself. Hated Hated Hated it. Stepping on a scale meant dealing with my worst fears so I avoided it for as long as I could remember. All this time I would cover up my fat layers with loose and boring clothes.

Priyanka's Weight Loss Story before

I have always had a love-hate relation with my weight. Most parts of my childhood were spent in ignorance. I loved my burgers and sundaes and relished them whenever I could (which was every 2 days). I was a foodie and ate everything I could at a buffet just to cater to my taste buds.  I knew I was overweight but I never did anything about it.

It was during the last year of school when my elder sister got engaged. When I saw my pictures, I was shocked. Instead of looking 17 years I actually looked like I was in mid-30s.

Priyanka's Weight Loss Story before pic

This is when I decided to join an aerobics class. My 12th had just begun and I could manage a one-hour session. I wanted to look better for the wedding. The class was fun. I never weighed myself there or thought about weight loss but just gave in my best. Since my body was not used to any form of activity it reacted well and I lost a lot. I don’t know how much but it was quite a bit and everyone was surprised to see me at the wedding which was just 1 month after the engagement.

I managed my studies and aerobics till the end of the year but then I fell sick. I had to quit the classes and suddenly there was a lot of exam pressure and I could not join it. The weight came back soon after and seemed to bring back its friends also who started to settle themselves on every part of my body. But I was helpless, after all, 12th class needs sacrifices.

 Then came college where other girls wore skinny jeans and fashionable clothes while I stuck to my suit, ill-fitted jeans and loose shirts. These clothes did nothing to make me look glamorous. I would envy the slim girls who got all the attention but would then simply convince myself by saying that I am different and I don’t want to look like them. True, I didn’t want to imitate anyone but another fact that I avoided facing was that I didn’t want to look like myself also.

College life is comparatively easier than school and you have more time. This time I decided to join a gym.  I worked out for 2 hours daily but it never showed. It was during this time that I got the courage to step on the weighing scale. I was shocked! It read 80 Kgs. I was so depressed by this that I decided to skip dinner and suddenly I started losing weight. I continued this for more than a year and then one day I noticed that my weight was stuck at 70 kgs.

In fact I was slowly gaining also as my body had got used to the low calorie count. On top of that I was facing severe acidity problem. This is what happens when you skip meals. Your body reacts badly and you get gall stones or develop acidity problem.

I contacted a nutritionist soon after this who explained how eating healthy is important. She suggested that instead of skipping dinner I should have early dinner and have 5-6 small meals during the day. I followed her suggestions and her diet religiously and soon my body reacted positively. I was working out and eating right and within a few months I was down to 60 kgs.

Priyanka's Weight Loss Story after pic


Priyanka's Weight Loss Story after pic

 It was never an easy journey but it was my determination and hard work that paid off. The journey has been slow but rewarding. I lost 20 kgs in about 2-3 years.  My wardrobe is no longer restricted to suits and has all kinds of clothes. I feel confident and happy in anything I wear. It is a great feeling and I am in love with the new me. All I can say from my experience is that it is hard journey but stick to it and you’ll surely win.

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Priyanka's Weight Loss Story before after pic

Are you inspired by Priyanka’s Weight Loss Story? Have a success/failure story?

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  1. Hello dear, I read your article I know it was not an easy journey at all.. I have hypothyroidism due to this problem I gain weight for the past two years I’ve taken the medicine for my thyroid and other health supplements. Now my thyroid level is much more normal and feel relaxed now but now I am trying to lose my weight. My height is 5.5′ and my weight 75 . I start brisk walk and I feel light and energetic.. but please suggest me and guide me to lose more weight.
    This year in November I have my marriage and like any other bride I also wanted to look beautiful and gorgeous on my D’day . you are like my inspiration please help me..i would be grateful to you.

  2. Hi Ruby, welcome to the blog. Congrats for your wedding :). You just have one and a half month left, be happy. If you are happy, you will do your best in these months and look beautiful on your wedding 🙂 . We will come up with something for Brides to be soon !

  3. Hi Aditi, welcome to the blog 🙂 . Indeed, Priyanka is an inspiration for all of us who want a new life with a new us !

  4. I too tried my luck too hard. Suddenly my weight went to 76 and i was shocked. Some how i tried for an year to reduce my weight with 6 litres of water daily and with herba life 🙂 thanks to it. Now i am 59 😀

    Soon, if Ana allows me i will review my herba life journey too. I don’t know how many are you are intrested in such things. Let Ana say Okay to it. I will proceed to explain my story too 😀

  5. Hi rashmi..really motivational n helpful post..I have same issue as ruby has m a hypothyroidism n now levels r normal but still on medication. .last year I got married and conceived too…so during pregnancy m w8 was 81 but after delivery its been 3 months n m still in 70+ …so any suggestion??

  6. Please share your fitness regime along with the diet given by the dietician…I am also trying to loose weight ..And your post really encouraged me a lot 🙂
    Thanx in advance…

  7. Hi Ruby
    its great that you started walking and it would work better if you do that in morning as the BMR is great and you can expect better weight loss. Make sure you walk at least 45 min. You can also try some yoga stretching as it would tone your body better. APart from the workout you should focus on your food. divide your food in 6 meals, where you can have single fruits in three meals. finish dinner by 7-7.30 PM. If you have been having late dinners then that is one of the main factors why the scale doesnt move. avoid eating out and if you have to then choose grilled veggies. Making these changes should really help 🙂

  8. Priyanka, welcome to the blog. I am amazed and inspired by your determination. Needless to say, you look utterly beautiful and all the more, happy just like needed 🙂

  9. Thank you Mukta..
    you can lose it . If you are determined. I had become very strict on myself and i dont know how. I had stopped eating junk food totally and with time my food habit changed.. weightloss is always a combination of exercise and right food 🙂

  10. Hi Poulami
    I didnt do much exerice just walked religiously and it helped. I lost even more in inches. The diet plan kept changing. there was no fixed plan. The main things that were changed was my eating habits.There were no more fried and junk food. i reduced my sugar intake. dinner was done by 7. Heres a breakout of my plan

    wake up- 6.30 and have 5 almonds + 1 tsp flaxseeds with a glass of water
    tea + 2 marie ( i skipped this though)
    7 am- 8 am- brisk walking
    breakfast at 9 am- parantha/brown bread sandwich/ dalia with veggies with milk
    mid morning- 12 pm- 1 apple ( without peeling or chopping to retain the nutrients)
    2 PM- lunch- 2 rotis ( half wheat bran and half normal atta to increase fiber content), salad, curd and ghiya/tori/ tinda or any green veg.

    5 pm- any green colored fruit (pear/ guava)
    7 pm – dinner- salad + 1 roti and light veggies or a bowl of veg soup
    9 pm- a bowl of papaya + milk
    I also drank like a fish. from 1 liter i increased my water consumption to 4 liters
    Adding fruits and vegetables is what really matters

  11. but every diet plan works differently on different people. This diet doesnt work on me any more as my body has got used to it. the weight loss is good when you change things and after a period it slows down. This diet can just guide you how you can make lifestyle changes but it may or may not work, depending on your body 🙂

  12. Hi Nidhi,

    If you are breastfeeding your baby then you are easily going to lose more weight..I lost weight by working out and reducing carbs from my diet…i can do a post on it this weekend probably 🙂

  13. Hi Priyanka,

    What a marvelous achievement this has been although the diet which you mentioned is simply not for me..i am a PCOD and because of which reducing carbs and eating glutten free is more imp..this diet would have not worked for me but i am glad it worked for u ..u look great !

  14. anamika i had PCOD too but it went away when i lost weight with this diet . i also did acupuncture for 10 days after which there was no PCOD

  15. priyanka ur inspiring me a lot, i want to loss 4 kgs of weight, but iam unable to do, u lossed 20 kgs!!!!!!!!!!! OMG, hard work pays.

  16. Girls i need help, i drink 7-8 litres of water, doctor told me to reduce water intake, because of that also iam increasing weight, but i love water, any suggestions how can i reduce my water in take, it looks silly question, but i cant stay without drinking water more than half n hr.

  17. Give me a hug Sravanthi 🙂 . Same problem here. Thing is when water intake is excess, it washes away nutrients too. I drink approximately 6 litres but it becomes more when i workout. I have found a trick that seems to work for me. I cant resist water after half an hour. so instead of having water from the glass(i always fill the glass to the brim), i have started drinking from bottle ( 2 or 3 baddaa waala ghoont ). This has reduced my water intake. see if it works for you.
    Avoid spicy food and sweets. After these, we tend to drink more water

  18. Hi Sravanthi
    you can try and reduce your salt intake, especially in the evening so that you dont suffer from water retention.. see if that helps 🙂

  19. Thank you for the kind words 🙂 loosing excess weight is easy. it is always the last few kgs that takes time.. but stay motivated and you can do it

  20. wo to thik hai Pri but we need to reduce water also. excess water takes away all nutrients , this is what my doc said 🙁

  21. i tried this one, from 1 month v are staying in hotel as v moved to new place and v didnt get home (anyways tomorow gng to home 🙂 all my worries over now) so v bght mineral water half liter bottle case, so i thght my water intake vl reduce, but i noticed that iam drinking 14-15 bottles daily 🙁 which causing increase in water level in my body, so iam looking fatty, but my weight not increased. i dnt knw what to do

  22. Sravanthi, drinking more water does not cause weight gain nor water retention. I am just worried about your nutrients getting washed away. hmm, lemme think about some more ideas. Drinking from bottle helped me a bit. will see what else we can do. il check with my nutritionist too

  23. Hmmmm if u r feeling bloated then it’s not cause of water. This happens if u eAt fried, high salt or preserved food . Cut down on those especially junk food like chips n ready to eat . They lead to water retention.

  24. Hi anamika…actually m not so lucky to feed my baby unfortunately my baby is on top feed. So please suggest me something.

  25. dear priyanka will u let me knw the acupunture u used to do for pcod..i am faceing this pcod problem from 3 years..and i am nt getting pregnent


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