Product Review-Raspberry Ketone By Maritzmayer Laboratories


Product Review-Raspberry Ketone By Maritzmayer Laboratories

Raspberries are rich in antioxidants and low in carbs. Undoubtedly, they are great for weight loss.

I am testing Maritzmayer Laboratories Raspberry Ketone , from the fat burners and weight loss supplements that I have; I talked about them in my previous post here.

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This weight loss supplement claims fast weight loss due to Raspberry ketone as its main ingredient. Raspberry ketone is present in raspberries of course, is responsible for their aroma. Raspberry ketone is also present in other berries like blackberries, cranberries etc.

More about raspberry ketone and its effect on weight loss here.

Raspberry ketone became a rave in nutrition industry when Dr. Oz declared Raspberry Ketone as “miracle fat burner”. I believed Dr. Oz and bought Maritzmayer Laboratories Raspberry Ketone last year but discontinued for a reason which most likely I have forgotten 😛

I tried Maritzmayer Laboratories Raspberry Ketone again this time for approximately a month.

My Experience With  Raspberry Ketone By Maritzmayer Laboratories

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These are tasteless capsules which you just need to pop down your throat. Nothing special about instructions, you can take them anytime. I took them after lunch. The first thing that I noticed is that they smell nice 😛 exactly like yummy raspberries do.

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After a few minutes of taking it, I most of the times burped , fortunately not bad odor but raspberry smell. I thought its great since burping is connected to digestion. After a few more minutes, I felt my heart pounding. I thought its a coincidence, hell I was wrong. It happened every day after a few minutes of taking this Raspberry Ketone. When I researched about it, I found that it actually may cause a rise in heart beat. I felt uncomfortable and honestly scared too, for the first week.

After one week use, I did not face any headaches, heart beat increase etc. I did not feel any decrease in appetite either. I lost weight, but I don’t give its credit to this Raspberry Ketone by Maritzmayer Laboratories. I lost 2-3 kgs in a month, which is my normal weight loss happening since months. I did not see any extra ordinary results by using this Raspberry Ketone.

So as far as I think, Raspberry Ketone is an absolute bummer when it comes to weight loss. If you burp a lot,  you could use it for better smell though 😉

Stay tuned for next review coming up – Zenith Nutritions FabSlim , second kid in the queue !

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