Program Review-Walk At Home With Leslie Sansone


Program Review-Walk At Home With Leslie Sansone

If you are the one who wants to lose weight or fighting a weight stall then power walk is something you must try. If you are the one trying to walk brisk hiding behind the trees and bushes so that people don’t find you puffing and panting then you need to increase your stamina 🙂 .Some time back as I made an effort to increase my walking speed, I didn’t have much stamina but really wished to do something about it.

Program Review-Walk At Home With Leslie Sansone

Once while looking for doable exercise videos on ‘YouTube’ (I was 98 kgs suffering backaches and knee joint pains). I hit upon “WAH” Walk at Home program by Leslie Sansone.

Program Review-Walk At Home With Leslie Sansone

I felt like trying just a bit of 1 mile walk and when I stopped I realized, I had managed a complete 5 mile walk and that too nonstop. That seemed a huge achievement and since that day I am hooked to Leslie Sansone’s ‘Walk At Home’ program.

What Is Walk At Home(WAH) ?

Walk at Home can be called number one indoor walking program which makes you walking-fit in your own home. It is based on the basic idea that if you can walk, you can work out all your muscles. There is nothing complicated to learn and no fancy equipment needed. ‘WAH’ is all about a great workout and miles of healthy walking right in front of your TV or Computer.

Why Wah ?

The best thing about Leslie’s ‘WAH’ program is that your obesity never comes in between your effort. It is just perfect for the beginners and has the right intensity. Today after two years of high intensity walking with intervals built in between, I can proudly boost of better stamina and painless knee joints along with weight loss of about 30 kilos. At times I am amazed as I find myself addicted to exercising. (Just for info I HATED exercising 😛 ) Every time I complete a long walk I want to do more; that is the magic of Leslie’s “WAH”, it doesn’t tire you, but rejuvenates and energizes you. 🙂

Program Review-Walk At Home With Leslie Sansone

Value for Time

It is an excellent walking program where you make the most of every minute of your precious time. For walkers who want more out of their workout, Leslie’s ‘WAH’ is one powerful workout that does it all. You get your cardio with brisk walk and flexibility training with multi-directional moves that improve range of motion and stretch the muscles while you walk. If you use a resistance band or hand weights you tone while you walk and sculpt your arms, legs, backend and core.

Ready To Use

What I like the most about it is that I don’t have to plan anything separate for separate days. It’s all ready to use. Leslie’s workouts include:-

  1. A 14 minute mile walk – with new walk moves combinations. In it you learn new patterns to shake up those under-used muscles.
  2. A 12 minute mile walk – you get it done fast because of the 2 minute Boost in the middle of the mile. I promise you a REAL SWEATY end. If done with resistance band it targets the core, arms, chest and back as the band is used in new ways to engage maximum muscles of the upper and lower body.
  3. Every walk begins with a 5 minute warm up and ends with a ‘Cool Down Walk & Stretch’ which eases recovery from the peak pace of this walk and stretches away any tightness in the muscles.

Leslie’s ‘WAH’ is a walk for every one of every age. It’s highly motivating to see men and women of 20 years to 75 years walking together on the road of good health and fitness. Oh! How I get inspired seeing 73 years old Elton doing a four mile challenge with 55 years old Carol enjoying her weight loss journey with this walk.

It is a system of walking-based moves that allow you to choose the number of miles you’d like to walk from 1 to 5 miles. Various miles can be combined together to make a long walk party (I have done a 13 mile long nonstop walk party recently 😀 )

It is multi-muscle walking that is based on Power Walking, Side Steps, Kicks and Intervals. All these help to burn more calories than a stroll around the society block. What I love the most is Leslie’s energy which is contagious. Her enthusiasm is unmatched (She is in her 50s). She is my walk guru who helped me with my adoption of a healthy lifestyle and made me ward off various illnesses associated with obesity and sedentary lifestyles. The most effective workout plan is the one you actually DO and ‘Do-ability’ makes Leslie’s WAH effective.

PS. Leslie Sansone’s Walk At Home videos can be streamed from ‘YouTube’. Here are a few links

ENJOY; Love life, live life as you only live once 🙂

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