Program Review-Walk At Home With Leslie Sansone


If you are the one who wants to lose weight or fighting a weight stall then power walk is something you must try. If you are the one trying to walk brisk hiding behind the trees and bushes so that people don’t find you puffing and panting then you need to increase your stamina 🙂 .Some time back as I made an effort to increase my walking speed, I didn’t have much stamina but really wished to do something about it.

Program Review-Walk At Home With Leslie Sansone

Once while looking for doable exercise videos on ‘YouTube’ (I was 98 kgs suffering backaches and knee joint pains). I hit upon “WAH” Walk at Home program by Leslie Sansone.

walkawaywaistline leslie sansone

I felt like trying just a bit of 1 mile walk and when I stopped I realized, I had managed a complete 5 mile walk and that too nonstop. That seemed a huge achievement and since that day I am hooked to Leslie Sansone’s ‘Walk At Home’ program.

What Is Walk At Home(WAH) ?

Walk at Home can be called number one indoor walking program which makes you walking-fit in your own home. It is based on the basic idea that if you can walk, you can work out all your muscles. There is nothing complicated to learn and no fancy equipment needed. ‘WAH’ is all about a great workout and miles of healthy walking right in front of your TV or Computer.

Why Wah ?

The best thing about Leslie’s ‘WAH’ program is that your obesity never comes in between your effort. It is just perfect for the beginners and has the right intensity. Today after two years of high intensity walking with intervals built in between, I can proudly boost of better stamina and painless knee joints along with weight loss of about 30 kilos. At times I am amazed as I find myself addicted to exercising. (Just for info I HATED exercising 😛 ) Every time I complete a long walk I want to do more; that is the magic of Leslie’s “WAH”, it doesn’t tire you, but rejuvenates and energizes you. 🙂

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Value for Time

It is an excellent walking program where you make the most of every minute of your precious time. For walkers who want more out of their workout, Leslie’s ‘WAH’ is one powerful workout that does it all. You get your cardio with brisk walk and flexibility training with multi-directional moves that improve range of motion and stretch the muscles while you walk. If you use a resistance band or hand weights you tone while you walk and sculpt your arms, legs, backend and core.

Ready To Use

What I like the most about it is that I don’t have to plan anything separate for separate days. It’s all ready to use. Leslie’s workouts include:-

  1. A 14 minute mile walk – with new walk moves combinations. In it you learn new patterns to shake up those under-used muscles.
  2. A 12 minute mile walk – you get it done fast because of the 2 minute Boost in the middle of the mile. I promise you a REAL SWEATY end. If done with resistance band it targets the core, arms, chest and back as the band is used in new ways to engage maximum muscles of the upper and lower body.
  3. Every walk begins with a 5 minute warm up and ends with a ‘Cool Down Walk & Stretch’ which eases recovery from the peak pace of this walk and stretches away any tightness in the muscles.

Leslie’s ‘WAH’ is a walk for every one of every age. It’s highly motivating to see men and women of 20 years to 75 years walking together on the road of good health and fitness. Oh! How I get inspired seeing 73 years old Elton doing a four mile challenge with 55 years old Carol enjoying her weight loss journey with this walk.

It is a system of walking-based moves that allow you to choose the number of miles you’d like to walk from 1 to 5 miles. Various miles can be combined together to make a long walk party (I have done a 13 mile long nonstop walk party recently 😀 )

It is multi-muscle walking that is based on Power Walking, Side Steps, Kicks and Intervals. All these help to burn more calories than a stroll around the society block. What I love the most is Leslie’s energy which is contagious. Her enthusiasm is unmatched (She is in her 50s). She is my walk guru who helped me with my adoption of a healthy lifestyle and made me ward off various illnesses associated with obesity and sedentary lifestyles. The most effective workout plan is the one you actually DO and ‘Do-ability’ makes Leslie’s WAH effective.

PS. Leslie Sansone’s Walk At Home videos can be streamed from ‘YouTube’. Here are a few links

ENJOY; Love life, live life as you only live once 🙂

P.S – How to walk and lose weight, read here.

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    • Oh yess dear, I follow all these and by the way today I did HIIT Radio Mixes one, its new on youtube– wonderful 3 miles. loved it. Have you downloaded the ‘advanced walks’ or ‘fast miles’?? Get the fast miles one they are terrific. Get this HIIT its a great walk party. straight 300+ calorie burn. ::)

      • plz email me the links …. all the programs that you said :D. I just downloaded the ones you gave in this possht !

  1. Kanan, I cannot thank you enough for this. Weekends i tend to be very lazy and skip my workouts. This friday i had read this article of urs. Saturday evening was feeling lazy to go out for a walk. Thought about your article and put on youtube and walked a mile. was so excited and happy that i did the 2 mile walk too. Felt wonderful after this workout. Sunday did the 3 mile walk. Plan to stick to this. I am now certain nothing can come between my walks nows. Thank you so much. I am 85 kilos and made a vow to come down to 75-78 before my birthday in May.

    • You go gal Regina— I love walk parties like these and the best part is that I can’t keep that smile off my face while exercising— Love you dear for loving to walk. 🙂

  2. Thanks for this lovely article and the you tube links dear. I love walking and WAH is now going to be a part of my regime!!

  3. Hi Kanan
    I got a ligament tear 3 weeks back…doc said it will take another 3 weeks fr me to get bak to normal physical activity.but said I cn walk on plain surface.i still hv a small limp wen I walk….am missing my workouts,,…sob ..sob…cnt do my so depressed that I cnt workout…can I do WAH beginner pgm…need to do smthg to keep kilos piling up….

  4. Nitasha it would be advisable to ask your doctor before starting any program…. bt PERSONALLY speaking I don’t think low intensity walk at home should be a problem…. still pl. ask the med expert before deciding.

  5. Kanan ji,

    This is pretty inspiring…! so for a first time learner for this which video works the best…!
    I would like to know. Last week I skipped my normal walking twice .. thanks to the evening showers here in bangalore.. :O

    So, if I watch this video and learn and walk at home, that solves my problem.. 🙂
    Please advice.

    Warm Wishes

    • Amrita, i walked in my apartment when it rained.. although i went outside to get wet a lil 😛 . I love rains ! I started with 3 miles, you can also start with it 🙂

    • Amrita believe me it is fun to walk in your living room or bedroom—- (Oh! Iam the best rule breaker in the house :P) pick up any video and just start walking…. walk till you drop dahling…. I love to jog in rain though— people think Iam trying to avoid rain while the fact is that I love to run getting wet— dil to bacchha hai jee– lol

  6. I dont like getting wet in rain, but i ended up as my balcony was overflooded and water was entering the room.. had to run and figure out .. unblock the clogged pipe and eventually ended up completely drenched.. i think it was last week wednesday or so, the day it heavily rained for 2 hours or so..

  7. Hello mam.

    Could u please tell me the you tube links for HIIT Radio Mixes one as the one i can see is for 2 minutes. Also, can we use 1 or 2 kg dumbels for the walk as they say. Also, the three links that you have given , do we have to do all together. plz it would be a great help if u could tell me step by step workout for a week. I weigh 80 kgs at the age of 27. i wanna lose 20 kgs at the earliest. Can i follow you low carb diet. my current diet is as follows, if it fine to lose wight
    • Early morning: 1 glass of methi seeds water (1 tsp methi seeds soaked in water overnight) and 2 glasses of lukewarm water
    • Breakfast: 1 bowl of oats porridge/ poha/ dalia/kellogs K/ 2 besan chillas with green tea
    • Midmorning: 1 fruit + 4 almonds/walnuts
    • Lunch: I start with 1 glass of Apple cider vinegar, then i eat Salad + 1 roti (multigrain atta) + dal (boiled) + lassi (in the last)
    • Evening: Tea with khakra or 2 marie biscuits
    • Dinner: I start with 1 glass of Apple cider vinegar, then Soup (ghia/palak/onion/tomato/brocoli/cabage/cauliflower)
    Green tea before sleeping
    With this diet i am taking Amway multivitamin tablet
    Please reply if something is wrong with my above diet. I have made a book and my dream is to publish my book. Plz rep to my questions, Thankyou

    • Hi Swati
      Sorry for replying so late.. was little busy with guests in the house. Remember for quick weight loss its important to go low carb for some time.. so that means no kellogs dalia marie biscuitskhakra etc… 🙁 if you can eat eggs then have eggs for breakfast and lunch. Please see my posts on low carb dietplan for vegetarians in here. you will get some idea. What you are following is a different diet protocol so I won’t comment on that.
      As far as knee pain is concerned dear even I felt a lot of pain when I was 98 to 78 kg but now its just perfect I go for jogs, do all house hold chores like Jhaaru Poncha etc on my own without any pain. its matter of your body getting used to working out. Keep walking keep eating controlled and if you want quick results go low carb. All the best. 🙂

      • Thankyou so much mam for your reply, how many eggs should i eat for the breakfast and also should i eat the yellow portion also. And also, Could u please tell me the you tube links for HIIT Radio Mixes one as the one i can see is for 2 minutes. Also, can we use 1 or 2 kg dumbels for the walk as they say. Also, the three links that you have given , do we have to do all together.

        • Swati I think that video has been removed bt doesn’t matter there are many others you can pick up from. yes you can use weights bt need to be careful about jerky movements. there are a few videos with weights too follow those. can eat two for breakfast with veggies see my recipe posted earlier. see there is nothing that you HAVE tO DO– nah– upto you. how much you wish to burn. 🙂

  8. Kanan – thanks to you and WAH programme..i have lost 4 kgs in 40 days…i have been quite regular with the workouts…i alternate between 3 miles and 4 miles boasted walking…haven’t felt so nice in such a long time…Thank you once gain….86 kgs to 82.2 in 45 days…the real testing time is now…i have given myself a goal of 78 kilos before my bday (29 May)…..will keep you posted about my achievements….

  9. Hey dear!
    Glad to find this video Sure im gonna try this out when im not hitting gym. I downloaded Tv Exercise its quiet simple and gud! but is 3 miles and 4 miles different?

  10. Hi Aara
    Glad to know that you liked Leslie — moves are basic in all but the combination changes every time and that is what makes difference… 4 miles are Intervals… My favourite especially when you are walking on the beat on the road.


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