Programme For Specific Needs

  •     Pre and Post pregnancy weight gain
  •     Obesity among children and young adults
  •     Asthma patients
  •     patients with troublesome joints.
  •     Preoperative weight loss

This is a proven fact that obesity is the cause of all health problems. To get rid of all other health issues we need to manage our weight and maintain it at a healthy level. its the uncontrolled unhealthy and imbalanced eating which is suicidal for most of the people who have a tendency to gain weight.

Excess weight is the reason for breathing related health problems too. It can cause several serious complications when it comes to pregnancy. These include an increased risk for gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, difficulty with normal deliveries, and not to forget an increased rate of miscarriage.

Similarly obesity issues among children and young adults are on a rise. Unhealthy eating habits and inactivity are the main culprit. Weight gain becomes a hindrance for those who have to undergo surgeries.

How can IWB Weight Loss Program help?

  • We at IWB help people with specific needs control weight as per their individual needs.
  • Its our mission to get children and young adults into better eating habits and reduce cravings for junk.
  • IWB weight loss team helps in preoperative weight loss to make surgeries possible at the right time.
  • Pre and post pregnancy weight loss is managed with ease to help women enjoy each and every precious moment of motherhood.
  • IWB Weight Loss Program is designed to help people who wish to lose weight to ease their troublesome joints.


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