Pros and cons of going Vegan


Advantages and disadvantages of going vegan

Going Vegan is quite difficult rather than being Vegetarian. A vegan diet is a diet having no animal products such as eggs, milk, fish, dairy products and honey. Due to the large fitness regime among individuals these days, being vegan is one of the most popular diet individuals are following. Vegan diet results in better heath and saves environment. But there are certain pros and cons of being vegan. Below are mentioned pros and cons of going vegan.

Pros and cons of going Vegan

Benefits Of Going Vegan

Pros of being following vegan diet:

1. It helps to lower cholesterol levels. Various studies and research have been done that ensure that people consuming vegan diet have lower cholesterol levels and LDL (Lower density lipoprotein).
2. It helps to lower blood pressure to greater extent. Blood pressure is a common problem faced by large group of people these days due to stress and hypertension at home or workplace. But with a recent study it has proved that people following vegan diet has lowered the risk of heart disease.
3. Large intake of Antioxidants. A person consuming vegan food intakes lot of antioxidants in the form of wholesome foods such as breads, fruits, green leafy vegetables which is a very good source of dietary fibre, roughage, vitamins and minerals.
4. Vegan diet helps to build greater self-control. Being a vegan is directly related to the consumption of less food a greater self-control on the cravings which are quite bad for health. Vegan food slows down the overall process of food metabolism and therefore, you will not feel hungry after eating it for a very long time.

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Cons of Being Vegan:

1. Vegan food brings a lot of change in your body which sometimes led to bad heath conditions as a whole. Vegan diet is quite complicated as it has many restrictions on eating food products which can create a deficiency in our body. It is important to manage complementary food items in order to get complete vegetarian nutrition to your body.
2. A vegan diet can worsen your heath condition if a person is suffering from some chronic disorders such as diabetes or osteoporosis. In such cases it is advisable to consult doctor before implementing vegan diet in your daily routine.
3. It is often difficult to manage dinner and snacks every time for a vegan person since there are very less restaurants that offer such type of dietary foods.
4. Vegan diet losses essential nutrients and vitamins. Vegan food does not contain vitamin B12, which is one of the most essential nutrients required by your body. Vegan diets are having low calcium content and have lower levels of Vitamin D.
5. People following vegan diet have a misconception that following this diet plan will help them to build strong muscles and make them healthier. But this is however not true. There has to be a proper balanced diet with proper nutrients and vitamins in a single server with a proper exercise schedule as well in order to burn them in a proper way.

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