Pros And Cons Of Going Vegetarian


Pros and cons of going vegetarian – What are they?

A Vegetarian diet is often defined as a diet excluding meat, fish and chicken and includes variety of plant-based foods. Most of the vegetarian eats eggs and milk as a part of their diet. Vegetarian diet often includes high fibre content and low in fat which is optimum for good health. High fibre content, low fat, consumption of essential amino acids as a part of diet is good for the maintenance of glowing skin and heath.

Hema-Malini-Vegetarian-PETABelow are mentioned certain pros and cons of going Vegetarian:

Pros of being Vegetarian

1. It looks unethical and cruel to kill animals for food when vegetarian options are available for food. Human beings can easily survive without killing animals for food.
2. A vegetarian diet comprises of all essential nutrients and vitamins for the complete nutrition and has various heath benefits. It includes fats, proteins, amino acids and carbohydrates, which is a basic need for every human being to attain complete nutrition to their body.
3. It can also help to reduce world hunger without impacting animals. Since vegetarian diet includes mostly plant based products, therefore large amount of the people can survive on this rather than killing animals for food.
4. It even reduces the chances of people suffering from Kidney stones and gallstones. This mostly happens to the people taking diet rich in animal protein since animal protein is rich in calcium oxalate, uric acid which is one of the major components in the formation of stones.
5. Vegetarian diet (mostly green leafy vegetables) provides an individual healthier form of Iron rather than non- vegetarian diet (meat based products).
6. Vegetarian diet help build strong bones having more Calcium content. This is due to the reason that vegetarians absorb more calcium content from the food they eat which includes spinach, green leafy vegetables, milk as well as cereals.
7. Vegetarian diet helps lowers the risk of heart disease because of the consumption of low fat and low cholesterol. Plant protein has low fat and cholesterol content as compared to animal protein.

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Cons of being Vegetarian

1. Meat is considered as a single source of getting all the vitamins, minerals, proteins in a single serving which is not possible in case of vegetarian foods. Single serving of Vegetarian foods does not provide adequate levels of essential nutrients to the body.
2. Eating meat provides body healthy saturated fats which are good for immune system and nervous system.
3. Vegetarians are mostly deficient in vitamin B12 as compared to non- vegetarians. This is because meat is considered as one of the best source for Vitamin B12.
4. Diet which includes consumption of fish will help body to get essential fatty acids such as omega-3 fatty acids. This fatty acid is quite important for the body to have good heart heath and reduces the risk of heart disease, which is not possible through Vegetarian foods. Substitutes are available for vegetarians as well but they do not provide adequate levels which is necessary for the body.

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