6 Ways to Protect Your Hair from Hard Water


Ways to Protect Your Hair from Hard Water

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Do you reside in a place that has hard water? In the first place, you should be happy that you have access to running water 😛 because many places in India don’t have that privilege. Well, now coming back to the topic, are you worried about the fact that hard water will damage your hair? Before getting into the tips to protect your hair from hard water, you need to know what hard water actually is!

Hard water

Water with a high mineral content is called hard water. It is rich in both calcium and magnesium. It might not be bad for your health as such but it can damage your hair and skin. You may not feel it but the minerals in the hard water develop a scaly film on your air that does not allow moisture from entering into the hair. As a result, you have dry, dull, and entangled hair. The hard water can also start getting built up on your scalp leading to a condition similar to dandruff.

Protect Your Hair from Hard Water

Protect Your Hair from Hard Water

If you want to protect your hair from the harmful effects of hard water, you should definitely try the following:

1) Rain water

Rain water is soft water by nature and the best part about it is that it is free of cost. Just place a wide-mouthed container in the rain and use that water to wash your hair. A lot of people say that it has many benefits and makes hair soft and glossy. However, the only issue is that you won’t have a supply of it all the time!

2) Water softener

One way of permanently solving your hard water woes is the use of a water softener. It is expensive but it removes calcium and magnesium and other minerals from the hard water and turns it into soft water. Those who have hair problems or medical conditions like eczema should go in for it.

3) Bottled water

You can use bottled water for the final rinse after you wash your hair with normal tap water. It may not burn a hole in your pocket but since packaged water comes in plastic bottles, it is not good for the environment. A single plastic bottle takes 400 years to get degraded. So, if you buy packed water in refillable cans, you can take a jug of it and keep it aside for your final rinse. This will reduce the plastic waste too.

4) Shower filter

A cheaper alternative to a water softener is installing a shower filter.  It reduces lime scale and chemicals like chlorine from hard water. Different kinds of shower filters are available that can be attached to your shower unit.

5) Natural shampoo

It is best to go all natural! Try using shampoos with reetha and shikakai. They not only clean your hair well but also add shine and volume. It will also make your hair feel smooth and thick.

6) Leave-in conditioner

A leave-in conditioner can’t remove the buildup but it will perk up your hair. You can apply natural leave-in conditioners like almond oil or jojoba oil. This seals the moisture within the strands and gives you a glossy and smooth finish.

Hope all the above ways to protect your hair from hard water have been useful!

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