Alarming News-Protein Consumption In India Dips!


Alarming News-Protein Consumption In India Dips!

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Today I am here to tell you about the nutrition scenario currently in India. According to the latest reports of Times Of India, the average intake of protein of an individual has reduced by 6-10% in the past two decades. 80 percent of the rural population and 70 percent of the urban population is not getting the minimum 2,400 calories of nutrition per day.

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There is also a yawning gap between the nutrition intake of the rich and poor. The rich are getting more than 2518 calories per day and the poor are getting less than 1679 calories, which is a difference of about 50%. The current situation is not just plain inhuman but has harmful health implications.

There has been a dip in protein consumption both in the rural and urban India. According to health experts, there are many reasons behind this dip but the main reasons can be the decline in the quality of food products and changing eating habits.

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There is a marginal change in fruits and veggies, dairy, egg, fish and meat consumption in the past decade. It was 9 percent 10 years back and today it is 9.6 percent. But the matter of concern is that during the same time period the daily intake of oil and fat has increased from 31g to about 42g in rural areas and from 42g to 52.5g in urban areas.

It has further been found that people have increased the intake of other food items that include hot and cold beverages, processed junk food like chips, snacks and biscuits. This is an unhealthy trend. People are shifting from real food and going in for processed junk. According to stats, these things just made up 2 percent of the nutritional intake of a rural person in 1993-94 but it has risen to more than 7 percent in 2011-12. In urban India it was 5.6 percent a decade ago but today it is touching 9 percent.

So, these were the statistics.

There are several reasons behind all the shifts that have taken place in our country. Right from lack of agricultural productivity to poor health care services are responsible for micronutrient deficiencies. But we shall talk plainly about nutrition and lifestyle here. The dip in protein is pretty saddening. This might be attributed to the fact that people are not having a balanced diet these days. The urbanites are too busy in their uber cool lifestyle that they hardly pay heed to what they should be eating. They are getting more calories than needed but their diet is not balanced. On the other hand, the poor don’t have the means to get one square meal for themselves. The yawning gap between the calorie intake of the rich and poor clearly indicates this fact.

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Malnutrition is grave issue in India today but obesity is another one. Don’t know how both the diametrically opposite issues can be resolved. The rich and upper middle class can easily bring in a change in their lifestyle as they are not short of money and can include healthy food in their diet in the right proportion. It is the poor section of the society that has to be given some kind of financial support so that they can get nutritious food on a daily basis.

Just give it a thought!

Are you consuming a balanced diet?

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