5 Types Of Protein For Weight Loss


Types Of Protein For Weight Loss

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Is weight loss on your mind? It goes without saying that a high-protein diet can really work well in helping you lose weight.

The benefits of consuming more protein are as follows:

  • Lesser cravings
  • Lower hunger hormone levels
  • Increase in satiety
  • More number of calories burned

Now, it gets difficult to decide which type of protein is best for weight loss. Check out the different kinds of proteins in this post and see how they help you lose weight!

Before that look at the list of protein-rich foods:

Different types of protein for weight loss

1) Whey protein


Whey protein is milk-based. It gets absorbed by the body quickly and has all the essential amino acids.

The benefits of whey protein are the following:

  • Improved satiety
  • More weight loss
  • Good body composition

The best thing about whey protein supplements is that they increase lean muscle mass and reduce fat.

The satiety benefits are superior when compared to other sources of protein.

2) Casein

Optimum Nutrition 100 Casein Protein powder

It is another milk-based protein that has all the essential amino acids. The hitch with it is that it is absorbed slowly by the body.

The benefits of casein are:

  • Improved body composition
  • Improved satiety
  • Weight loss

Casein is not as effective as whey protein in increasing muscle mass. However, when compared to other proteins sources, it does fare better.

3) Soy protein


This plant-based protein is made from soybeans. The best thing about it is that it has all the essential amino acids.

Scientific evidence is unclear when you talk about weight loss effects of soy protein. Some studies say that soy protein helps in weight loss whereas others found no actual benefit. So, nothing can be clearly specified with regard to weight loss. You will need to wait for more research.

4) Rice protein

How To Eat Rice And Lose Weight

Another plant-based protein, rice protein does not have all the essential amino acids required by the body. It is combined with pea protein to make things right.

Research is limited with regard to rice protein. So, nothing much can be said about its effects on weight loss.

5) Pea protein


Pea protein is a new protein made for yellow split peas. It is a complete source of protein as it has all the amino acids.

This protein helps in the following:

  • Improving satiety
  • Enhance body composition

You need to wait for more research to know how well it works.

The final word

Increase your protein intake for weight loss no matter where it comes from. Go as natural as you can, i.e. get protein from natural food sources. However, you can consume protein powders and supplements when you don’t have time or if you are a pure vegetarian or a vegan who doesn’t get enough protein from everyday meals.

Hope you found this post on types of protein for weight loss useful!

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