Top 6 Protein Mistakes You Are Making


6 Protein Mistakes You Are Making

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Are you worried about your protein intake? The hullabaloo about the role of protein in building muscles and aiding weight loss must be forcing you to eat more of protein. Though it is essential for the body, you can be consuming it all wrong! Here are the 6 common protein mistakes people commit,

1) Consuming too much protein after workout


If you think that consuming more protein after a workout will keep on the right track, let me tell you that you are wrong! More protein is not a good idea because the body will not be able to use it up. According to a study, you need 25 g of complete protein for stimulation of protein synthesis. This means that an average individual need not fall for food companies selling 30 g protein bars as a post-workout snack.

2) Not consuming sufficient protein

This is another mistake that most people commit. In order to slim down and decrease calorie count, some people cut down their protein intake. You need 0.8 g of protein per kg of the body weight. That means if you weigh 50 kg, you need 40 g of protein per day. Not getting sufficient protein can affect you as it is one of the biggest Protein mistakes.

3) Not changing the source of protein

animal protein vs plant protein

Complete protein has all the 9 essential amino acids that cannot be produced by the body. It is required for muscle growth and weight loss. By varying your sources of protein, you can get all the 9 essential amino acids which when clubbed with other nutrients help in preventing disease, losing weight and growing muscle. You need to eat a wide variety of nuts, greens, legumes, fruits and veggies with fish and meat.

4) Choosing the wrong protein powder

Don’t get carried away by commercials and blindly buy a pack of protein powder from the nutrition store. It can have side effects due to presence of preservatives and additives. It is better to do some research before going ahead with the purchase so that it doesn’t become one of the Protein mistakes .

5) Not choosing a blended plant-based protein powder

If you are going in for plant-based protein, look for soy, rice or pea powders in the blend. Though plant-based proteins are great when you want to lose weight but they have a drawback. Powders from one plant don’t have all the 9 essential amino acids. However, when you blend them together, they will provide you with all that you need! So, choose the ones that have a combination of two or more plant-based protein.

6) Restricting protein intake to just one meal

protein-rich-foods for weight loss

For a healthy metabolism, you need to eat at regular periods throughout the day. You also need to ensure that all your meals and snacks have sufficient amounts of protein in them. Don’t consume your daily protein quota in one meal. You must divide it uniformly in all your meals so that the body can absorb it well. Also, when every meal has protein in it, you will feel satiated.

So, go ahead and eat protein the right way!

Hope you liked reading this post of common protein mistakes you make!

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