A Week’s Menu Of Protein Packed Indian Breakfast


A Week’s Menu Of Protein Packed Indian Breakfast

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as you would not have eaten anything since the night before. It is sad to note that many people tend to skip breakfast and the excuse made is a lame one like “I didn’t have time! “. You should have your breakfast everyday!

Your first meal of the day kick starts your metabolism and provides you with energy. If you happen to add extra protein in your breakfast you will be able to keep your appetite under control. Even research shows that instead of having a high carbs breakfast, if you have a high protein breakfast, it will help in decreasing the hormones that stimulate your hunger. This way you will lose weight!!!

A Week’s Menu Of Protein Packed Indian Breakfast

There is something for the pure vegetarians too 🙂 !

Scrambled eggs with cheese

scrambled eggs

If you like eggs you can start your day with protein packed scrambled eggs with cheese!! Scrambled eggs also known as burji in Hindi is a quick and convenient way to fix breakfast for yourself if you are in a hurry. Adding cheese to it will make it more filling and tasty. If you eat one large egg (scrambled), it would amount to 6 g of protein. It is equally good to eat an omelette or the easiest boiled eggs!!

Curd with fruits


Curd is a rich source of protein and if you have it with fresh fruits, it would be very filling. Apples and bananas added to curd with chaat masala is a a wonderful combination. I call it fruit raita. If you want to keep your carb intake low then you have got give the bananas a miss and go in for berries. Berries are well known for weight loss. 100 g of curd has 11g of protein in it.


Pongal protein breakfast

Try this south Indian delicacy. Pongal is more like khichdi. Pongal is made with rice and dal. So, you have both carbs and proteins in it. It can also be made with quinoa if you want to increase the protein content and reduce the carbs. Quinoa, a pseudo cereal is a rich protein source and does not have gluten in it.

Idli and dosa

idli protein breakfast

You can eat steamed idlis with sambar and chutney. If you want more protein you can even try the recipe of peanut chutney on our blog here. The same goes for dosa. Try cooking it in very little oil.


panner uttapam protein breakfast

The uthapam is again like a thick dosa. Want to make it protein rich? Just add some paneer on top along with the veggies. If you like eggs a lot, just break an egg, beat it and spread in on your uthapam. This makes it protein rich and also filling.

Moong dal chilla

moong dal chilla protein breakfast

Moong dal being a good source of protein can be ground and made into a batter to make a chilla. You can try the same thing with besan too. The one with besan requires less preparation and is quick.

Moong dal waffles


If you love your moong dal chilla, you will love waffles too. These waffles are made out of a batter of moong dal. A desi touch to continental food!! Read the recipe here. You would need a waffle plate in your sandwich toaster for this.


Dhokla protein breakfast

Dhoklas are a Gujrati favourite and if you like the sweet and tangy flavour then you should go for it. It may take time to cook but it is worth the effort. To make this, dal is soaked, fermented and finally steamed.

Isn’t it a drool worthy list of Protein Packed Indian Breakfast !!

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