Protein Packed Post Workout Meal-Eggs & Hummus

post workout meal egg & hummus

Protein Packed Post Workout Meal-Eggs & Hummus

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So I am here today with another Post workout meal article. This is my third post from the “Post Workout Meal Series”. I hope you have found the previous two meal ideas helpful and also like today’s post as well. Eggs and Hummus make for an ideal post workout meal. To help you all know more, I would like to share about why eggs are important as a post workout meal and then will share about my post workout meal.

post workout meal egg & hummus recipe

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Why Are Eggs Important Post Workout?

Working out is a process which involves breaking down of the muscle tissues and then allowing those tissues to repair so that they become thicker and stronger. Our body is in Anabolic state when our body is repairing the tissues. The Anabolic state begins just after working out.

Anabolism requires nutrients, and this is why it is important that we eat nutritious food after a good workout session. Eggs make for an ideal good post-workout food as they are highly nutritious and are protein rich. Eggs can be eaten fried, scrambled, boiled or mixed into a shake.

  • Protein Rich

Eggs are an excellent source of high-quality protein. One egg contains around 6 gm of protein, which is about 15 percent of our daily recommended protein intake. Eggs contain essential amino acids which our body requires to digest and absorb protein and thereby making eggs a complete protein food.

  • Good Source Of Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins and minerals are just as important as protein and carbs to replenish & repair body. Eggs yolks consist of crucial Vitamins. Eggs also contain many minerals such as magnesium, iron, calcium, zinc and copper.

  • How to Eat Eggs After a Workout

Apart from vitamins and minerals Egg yolks also contain lots of fat and cholesterol. Egg whites contain about half the protein without fat or cholesterol. So, the best way to eat eggs after your workout is to mix five egg whites with one whole egg. This way we consume good protein value and yet get the yolk stuffing without going overboard on the fat and cholesterol content.

Hummus And Eggs As A Post Workout Meal

Now it is very clear why Eggs are an ideal post workout food. They provide all the nutrients that I need to repair and replenish my muscles after workouts.

Hummus too is well known for all the great nutritional values. I have already shared two various hummus recipes here on the blog. You can check the regular hummus recipe here and the avocado hummus recipe here.

post workout meal egg & hummus

A married woman wakes up with hundreds of chores in mind and the very thought of preparing hummus early morning sounds like a stupid idea to me. I always prefer planning my work and same goes for my meals, I plan my meals ahead.

I soaked Chickpeas to prepare Chole in dinner and reserved a cup of soaked chickpeas for myself to quickly prepare hummus.

Eggs and Hummus together are quite filling and fulfill the protein requirement. I also had cucumber with eggs and hummus. If you have carrots or any other vegetable, then do not think twice and include those as well. This will raise the nutrition quotient of your post workout platter.’

So, this was all about my post workout meal – 3. I hope this proves of good help to you. Let me know how you like to have eggs as a post workout meal.

Have you tried this recipe as your Post Workout Meal?

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