Why Protinex is a Better Nutritional Supplement Than Ensure?


Why Protinex is a Better Nutritional Supplement than Ensure?

Hello Everybody,

Recently I came across the advertisements of Protinex and Ensure. I thought why not do a comparison between the 2 brands so that our readers choose the best! So, here we go!

Let’s start with the question – why do we need a nutritional supplement in the first place? Well, most of us need them as we usually are unable to get all the essential nutrients from our food. In India many people are not getting adequate amount of vital nutrients by depending on their everyday food alone. As there are many people who follow a vegetarian diet in our country, you always need a little extra amount of protein. A nutritional supplement like Protinex or Ensure comes handy here!

I am sure that you must have heard of Protinex. It is a household name today as it has been around for more than 50 years! If you watch TV regularly, you would have definitely seen Protinex advertisements. It is one if the top brands prescribed by doctors among powdered nutritional supplements. This automatically makes Protinex the first choice when it comes to purchasing a nutritional supplement.


Ensure is another protein supplement brand. I found that Ensure has 50% less protein when compared to Protinex and has 11 times more fat! Also the total number of calories in Ensure is higher than that of Protinex. Ensure is certainly not a good idea for weight watchers or people looking to build muscle mass.

I vaguely remember that Ensure tried playing a marketing gimmick by pin pointing at the formulation of Protinex. In response to this, Protinex gave an immediate smart response which left Ensure wondering!

The Nutritional table below shows a clear comparison between Protinex and Ensure –

Protinex Ensure
Total Calories/100 gm 367 kCal 410 kCal
Protein/100 gm 32 gm 15.1 gm
Fat/100 gm 1 gm 11.5 gm


Needless to say, my vote goes for Protinex! Let me sum up why I choose Protinex over Ensure –

  1. Protinex has more protein, less fat and calories as compared to Ensure
  2. It has a great reputation and it’s been there in the market for 50 years
  3. It is 100% vegetarian and is easy to digest
  4. It is fortified with vitamins and minerals for complete nutrition. It also comes in yummy flavours such as vanilla, chocolate, fruit mix and Elaichi. My favorite flavor is Elaichi 🙂
  5. Its easily available online and at all medical stores/pharmacies

Do try Protinex and share your experience in the comment section below.

See you next time!


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