Punjabi Chaach, Healthy Summer Drink With Health Benefits


Punjabi Chaach,

The Best Summer Drink With Health Benefits

The summer days and scorching heat can land you in a lot of trouble. After a hectic day schedule you require something refreshing to replenish your lost energy during summers. Think of Punjabi Chaach, the healthy summer drink at that time which provides wonderful health benefits. The Punjabi Chaach, also known as buttermilk is made by churning the curd. and has a lot of health benefits.
  • Drinking Chaach after food can make your body joints work more smoothly and effectively.
  • Chaach keeps your body calm and composed in a stressed situation.
  • It is rich in vitamins and minerals, and works in the betterment of your digestive system.
Here are some more health benefits of Punjabi Chaach, the best summer drink.

1. Cools Down Body Temperature

Punjabi Chaach, Summer Drink With Health BenefitsChaach or Buttermilk helps you to cool down your body and acts as a natural refresher. It helps your body to boost your metabolism. In women, it cures hot flushes which occurs during pre and post menopause.

2. Helps Washing Down Oily Food

Consuming too much food in the hot season can cause you discomfort. The ingredients present in chaach such as Ginger, coriander, Cumin Powder washes down the fats and oils and makes you feel comfortable. Fats and Oils can concentrate on the inner lining of the stomach, causing you various digestive problems. It makes your body free from ulcers, As it neutralizes the acid present in the lining of the stomach; saving it from getting mixed with all parts of the stomach. Drinking a glass full of chaach aids to a lot of health benefits.

3. Aids Digestion

Punjabi chaach is the best summer probiotic drink, which increases healthy growth of body. The ingredients prevent the problems of indigestion, and it acts as a cooling agent in intestinal disorder and cures Bowell syndrome and Crohn’s diseases with utmost effect. Buttermilk helps your body to lower down the cholesterol levels. It contains sphingolipid compounds which allow your body to absorb the cholesterol in your guts.

4.Prevents Dehydration

Punjabi Chaach is rich in Salt, water, and is loaded with a lot of electrolytes. Its regular intake allows your body to fix in the fluid, and electrolyte levels in your body.

5.Moisturizes Skin

Your body contains a lot of toxic substances in summer and you need to heal them over time. Buttermilk/chaach allows you to cleanse your body by making your digestive tract healthy and enriches skin with moisture that makes the face glow even in summers. It also acts as a natural lotion for the skin in summers.

Tip… Mixing Punjabi Chaach with tomato juice helps your skin to heal from Sunburn.

6.Rich in Vitamin D

Sunlight does provide you a lot of Vitamin D but can cause dehydration and sunburn. Punjabi chaach or buttermilk is rich in Vitamin D, and it can surely fix your vitamin intake of the day. The indigestion of buttermilk in the digestive tract also allows your body to keep away from the bone disease (Osteoporosis). We need 1000 mgs of calcium every day and consuming 1 glass of chaach/buttermilk aids 284 mgs of calcium. It helps your body by strengthening your bones; keeping you fit at all ages.

Other health benefits of Punjabi Chaach


The consumption of buttermilk/punjabi chaach acts as an elixir for the treatment of constipation. When you are dealing with constipation, you can mix it with Ajwain to get the most benefit. It simply works because it contains lactic acid which neutralizes the bases present in the digestive system which allows your digestive tract to reconfigure its bowel movements and lactose intolerance.

So this summer make it a point to relish Punjabi Chaach, the best Summer Drink With Health Benefits.