Qigong-Benefits And How To Get Started


Qigong-Benefits And How To Get Started


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Did you ever hear about Qigong? It is also spelled as Chi-Kung and pronounced as ‘Chee-gung’. It is a Chinese practice of cultivating vital life force by different techniques that include:

‘Qi ‘means breath or life force energy, which is equivalent to the Sanskrit ‘prana’. ‘Gong’ means effort or work.

Types of Qigong practice

Wai Dan- it involves physical movement and concentration.

Nei Dan- it involves meditation and visualization.

Beginners learn physical movements in coordination with breathing techniques. It is similar to Tai Chi. They practice till they are able to get each movement or posture perfect. The next step is to find the subtle flow of energy within the movements, transitions and breathing patterns. This is termed as moving meditation.

In the exercises, there are some postures that need to be held for a long time and are similar to Yoga. These postures are still meditation. Then there is sitting meditation that focuses on you getting connected with your breath, mind and body. Moving, still as well as sitting meditation can be practiced with or without visualization.

Qigong uses a combination of these practices to promote health, improve digestion, boost immunity and alleviate headaches, pain, aches and stress.


Types of Qigong

  • Medical Qigong- is meant heal oneself and others
  • Martial Qigong- It is for the physical side
  • Spiritual Qigong- It is meant for enlightenment

Medical Qigong

Medical Qigong is a branch of traditional Chinese medicine and it shares its basic theories with it. There are two types of medical Qigong:

Self healing Qigong- in this the individuals practice Qigong exercises in order to improve their health, prevent diseases and treat illnesses.

External Qigong- in this the Qigong practitioners emit Qi with the aim to heal other individuals.

Martial Qigong

Martial Qigong practitioners are able to break bricks, bend steel wires and even place sharp objects on the body without affecting the skin. They are also able to sustain the physical impact of baseball bats! In short, they can do feats that are not rendered possible by modern science.

Spiritual Qigong

Spiritual Qigong uses mantras, mudras, prayers and sitting meditation. The techniques are heavily influenced by Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism. Spiritual Qigong brings inner harmony and tranquility.

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Qigong Healers

Qigong healers use the techniques just like how everyone does but they have practiced so much that they are able to understand each and every move, thought and breath behind the techniques. They have a deeper understanding of things.

Qigong practitioners feel that those who can control Qi can emit Qi to heal other people. This can be done in many ways:

Qigong massage

This involves placing hands on the receiver via touch, massage of acupressure.

Tool manipulation

This involves the use of pointed objects, acupuncture needles, precious metals, or stones on various parts of the body.

Item empowerment

This involves energizing water, teas, herbal formulas or precious metals and stones for the purpose of healing.

Qi emission

In this, the hand is placed several inches above the body and Qi is emitted to remove negative influences and deficiencies.

Distance healing

This involves focusing on an individual several miles away and emitting energy to correct the imbalances in that person.

Benefits of Qigong on health and wellbeing

Every living being emits a bioelectric field. A Qigong healer has the ability to detect these fields and their imbalances. The aim of Qigong is to correct them. Imbalances can be due to stress, anxiety, depression, anger, grief, improper diet, lack of exercise etc. Practicing Qigong or receiving Qigong healing can be helpful.

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