Quest Protein Bars Review-All Flavors


Quest Protein Bars Review-All Flavors

quest bar review

Aren’t you tempted to see those ? Today I am going to review this Quest Protein Bar which is undoubtedly a boon for low carb dieters. Let’s take a look at where does protein bars fit in with our Indian diet.

Indian Diet Carb V/S Protein

We Indians tend to have a carb rich diet, it’s a strict no-no for the Abs enthusiasts and a single no for us, the weight loss enthusiasts! Proteins can be very hard to fit in our daily diet; we do need a supplement for it. Trust me on this one, I have been trying to reach a 90 gms protein mark per day without a protein supplement, but alas, even with chicken and egg diet I hardly hit 75 gms per day. So, get a Protein supplement, it’s not all that bad, give Whey Isolate a try, it’s what you would call “Money well spent” J

Why Protein bar and not just Protein shake?

Imagine yourself in a train or a bus or whatever way you prefer to commute. You are hungry, you need something to munch on to lift you up and face the dreaded crowd. In Mumbai we have to fight for a place to stand in the damn train during “Office Hours”; With this scenario would you be busy mixing your Protein powder and water / milk or just unwrap your piece of bar and stuff it in?! I prefer the latter.

So here comes the American sensation “Quest Protein Bars”!

Now I have tried Quest Protein bar and loved them to the core! Yes they aren’t available easily here but what are online stores for?!  You get them at a considerable price here.

P.S. I had a relative coming from U.S. so asked her to get them for me, a box of 12 with 6 flavors.

So let me give you a heads up J

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

chocolate chip cookie dough

YUMM! This is one taste like toffee pretty much and has these bits of chocolate, had a chewy texture. If you have a sweet tooth and need your fix this is your clean cheat. I LOVE this flavor a lot and keep going back to it. Ok, you need more convincing? Check this out it got 20g of protein 3g Net Carb 7g fiber and its just 170 cals… now how good can a treat get?

Cookies And Cream

cookies and cream

These are I guess fairly new, I mean the flavor; they taste like Oreo. Ok, so they have this base flavor which tastes like the cream centre of Oreo and then you have bits of white chocolate and cookie crumb, end result one blissful cookie in form of bar and with 21g protein 3g net carbs 17g fiber and 180 cals!

Double Chocolate Crunch bar

 double chocolate crunch bar

Need I say more? I just said DOUBLE CHOCOLATE that being a diet friendly one!! If you never allowed yourself the joy of experiencing this flavor, I feel for you. This is one boon for chocolate lovers who want to lose weight and have a sweet tooth. With 20g protein 3g net carbs 16g fibre and 160 cals. Enjoy this please.

 Peanut butter and Jelly

 peanut butter jelly

Not quite what we have here in India, but now with peanut butter widely available this combination is spreading on sandwiches quite fast. So this bar has alternating taste of peanut and berries and a bit of bread too, so in a combo it tastes like a sandwich. It’s satisfying, but I don’t like it so much to go peanuts over it… I’d rather have the real thing.This one comes with 20g protein 5g carbs 17g fiber and 200 cals. Woah!

Banana Nut Muffin

 banana nut muffin

If you love banana flavored anything, this one is for you. For me I like the Elaichi banana as a fruit, put the banana with anything else and I wouldn’t give it a try, not even a banana split! This one has that banana flavor with bits of nut; the texture is not like a muffin, but its fine to chew on, but very dough like. I wouldn’t have another one. 20g protein 5g carbs 16g fiber and 170 cals.

White Chocolate Raspberry

 white chocolate raspberry

Hmm… it’s too sweet for my taste, yeah that coming from a chocolate lover, tastes like a berry pie filling, with white chocolate bits rolled in a dough. I liked the white chocolate bits in between. Hehe. But you wouldn’t regret this one, its good on a fruity dessert craving moment. Heat it up. Again, 20g protein 5g carbs 17g fiber and 180 cals.

Let me get you in on a secret, heat them in a microwave for 15 sec, they taste great!

They are a bit on the costlier side but with health no compromise, they are worth every penny, think about the amount you spend on things you shouldn’t.

How did you like this Quest Protein Bar Review?

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