Quick Guide To Eat Healthy at Chinese Restaurants


Quick Guide To Eat Healthy at Chinese Restaurants

Are you a fan of Chinese food ? If yes, hi 5 🙂 !
Although this was not my reaction when I was doing MBA in Singapore. I remember spending 10 SG dollars in a Chinese restaurant for some soupy veggie noodles and I regretted my decision. I could not not finish even half the dish. It was extremely bland for my taste. I did my best to add soy sauce and vinegar but alas failed to bring any taste in the dish.

The Chinese that we eat in India is an Indian version of Chinese cuisine, which is more spicy and less healthy.The Indian Chinese cuisine is so popular that roadside therelewaalas to fine dining restaurants like Mainland China serve this cuisine.

eat healthy at chinese restaurants

Chinese food that we get in India is delicious without a doubt, but unhealthy too. Its loaded with sugar and a lot of dishes involve frying. Frying causes loss of nutrients and above all, we never know the quality of oil used for frying.

So do we quit eating out at Chinese restaurants ? Not really, lets see how we can get to enjoy Chinese food without doing a lot of damamge to our diet plans and weight 🙂

Quick Guide To Eat Healthy at Chinese Restaurants

The guidelines to eat healthy are extremely simple. You just need to be aware.


Lets start soup first. Order a clear soup rather than hot and sour or sweet corn soup. Add vinegar and soy sauce to make it spicy. I don’t like clear soup at all, its white color somehow seems bizarre to me but soy gives it the right color and taste too 🙂 . Other soups usually have corn starch added to them to make them thick 🙁

Order dry starters rather than starters that have a lot of sauces in them. For example Chicken baked or grilled is better than chicken chili or chicken schezwan because the sauce used is very sugary. Nowadays, Chinese restaurants have started preparing paneer starters too, after all they are in India 🙂

Main course

Only 2 rules –

  • Prefer steamed rice over any other rice
  • Prefer Vegetable or chicken noodles over hakka noodles or tripple shezwaan noodles or any other plain/saucy noodles. Vegetable and chicken atleast add to important nutrients which when added to noodles, decrease the qualtity of noodles(coomon flour) in the dish. Veggie noodles have sprint onion, carrot, cabbage, capsicum, tomato to bring down the GI of the dish.


After relishing such a delicious meal, please spare the desert 😀


Have green tea x
or black coffee after an hour or so 🙂 . If you thought I am going to list nice fancy cocktails here, you got to be kidding 😛 . Have a diet coke if at all you can’t do without it, but its not healthy anyway.after your meal to soothe your stomach.

So, this was the Quick Guide To Eat Healthy at Chinese Restaurants !

If you have more tips, share with us.

P.S – These recommendations are not meant for low carb dieters

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