Quick tips on how to lose weight before joining your office back

Quick tips on how to lose weight before joining your office back

Quick tips on how to lose weight

before joining your office back

I have been reading up on a lot of weight loss success stories for some time now, and I have realized that losing weight can be difficult, but worth every inch of effort. You can gain some motivation by looking at some success stories here.

Quick tips on how to lose weightNot only do you have to control your eating habits, but you also need to start working out. This can cause a massive upheaval to your present lifestyle, but in the end, it does matter. Coupled with patience and a lot of expertise from us, you can easily lose around 5 kgs up to 10 kgs using these tips:….

Quick tips on how to lose weight 

  1. Keep a tab on your calories intake

It is one of the most result-oriented ways of losing kilos fast. Per science (and common sense), what happens when you reduce your calorie intake or increase your physical activity, your success in managing the calories well.

Although it is not recommended that one only cuts calories down to loose weight, it is also an unsustainable practice to your long term health goals. Paired with better lifestyle modifications, you should be mindful of the content that you have on your plate. This also helps you to make the right and healthy decision for yourself.

Quick tips on how to lose weight before joining your office backYou can try tracking your food calorie intake by making a journal or using mobile phone applications.

  1. Increase your water intake

A simple no brainer to boost your weight loss goal is to ideally drink lots of water throughout the day. What water does is that it enhances the process of weight loss by increasing your metabolism, which increases the rate of calorification, i.e., burning of calories in your body, although temporarily.

You may have also noticed that drinking water along with side meals also gives you a feeling of fullness while reducing your appetite. It is recommended that one drinks about 3+ liters of water every day to maximize weight loss.

  1. Up your protein Intake

weight loss tips

Meat, fish legumes, and eggs are a few healthy sources of protein that you should consume for a high protein diet. Such a diet is found to be linked to decreased belly fat and reduced appetite giving you a full feeling in your stomach.

A study found that having a high protein diet lowered the amount of ghrelin in the body than a high carbohydrate breakfast. Ghrelin is a hormone that stimulates the feeling of being hungry.

  1. Lower your carbohydrates

By eliminating refined grains in your food such as pasta, white bread, cereals, and pre-packaged products, you can accelerate your weight loss.

You should ideally replace them with whole-grain foods like brown rice, barley, quinoa, etc.

A study has found that eating meals with a high quantity of refined cards leads to belly fat, while meals with a high quantity of whole grains do not contribute to belly fat.

  1. Time to lift the weights

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You can get started by conducting resistance exercises by hitting the gym or working out at home. Squats, planks, lunges are some examples of low-intensity resistance workouts. Resistance exercises involved the muscles in working, which builds endurance and strength. This, in turn, helps in burning fat and increasing the rate of metabolism, even when the body is at rest.

With Lockdown being lifted in a lot of places, stay well and stay safe!

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