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Did you expect to see some magical products before opening this post ? If yes, then hi 5 πŸ™‚ ! I also expected magical results from some of the below products that I have bought over time.

If I were to calculate how much money I have wasted on so called miraculous products, wonder massages etc etc, it would be a 6 digit figure . I have not included my gymn fees, workout clothes and healthy food in this figure. Haanji !

Generally, people drop us messages on our Facebook page which sound like this – “Give me tips for quick weight loss”Β  or “I want to lose weight fast”. ‘Quick’ and ‘Fast’ are the keywords here.

So, I thought I will give you a sneak peak of products that I have bought.

The Vibes and Glamour cream that you see were a part of weight loss programs that I enrolled which cost me a bomb. Cellulite creams or balms help to tone the belly a bit but not without Diet and Exercise.

quick weight loss


Raspberry Ketone took the world for a storm ! Dr. Oz recommended Raspberry ketone as one of the best Fat Burners. Your truly also bought a bottle last year in Dubai ,expecting FAST results.


raspberry ketone quick weight loss

One of the biggest step I took for losing weight last year was enrolling for Herbalife.

Herbalife – Quick Weight Loss Products

Below are 2 of the few Herbalife products that I used. If you ask me , do they work ? I will say Yes but it needs a lot of discipline and commitment. Will do a separate post on Herbalife later.

This is Formula 1 piccy. I have consumed Formula 3, so could not take a picture.

herbalife formula1 quick weight loss

The energy drink that you see below is Green Tea, the best I have used till date. It does not need any filtering and tastes great. I take it with me in gymn. It helps me to sweat and burn more !

herbalife afresh energy drink mix

The aim of this post is to let you know that you could fall prey to some of the worst products. The more claims a product makes, more are its chances of being a Dud !

Stay tuned for detailed post on Herbalife and other quick weight loss products.

Have you ever tried any Quick Weight Loss Products ? Please share your experience.

P.S – Herbal life products result may vary.Anamika used their products for 2-3 months but didn’t find any result.Please buy at your own risk.

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  1. I havent used anything mentioned above but i would like to try Herbalife…i am quite a disciplined person…atleast i considered myself one πŸ˜€

  2. Her alive I think is nice when coupled with exercise…which reminds me I hav some dabbas of this at home..shud start again..lats time I just started n then got preg so had quit..

    • Zee, when you find you dabbas, look at the expiry date first πŸ™‚ . call me if you need any help in planning or consuming your shakes.


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