Raahgiri Day For Fitness Lovers In Delhi



Raahgiri Day For Fitness Lovers In Delhi


Hi everyone,

How is my IWB family doing?

Today I am going to share my experience about something that gives me a dollop dose of adrenaline rush on Sunday mornings.
Sundays in Dilli.. ah.. well.. usually dawned somewhere around 11 or 12 noon till date. No, actually not till date; till they didn’t start Raahgiri day. Now, it is a different scenario altogether. Now you can see thousands of dilliwalas thumping their feet at connaught place from as early as 6 a.m. in the morning. You know I am not a morning person myself. I literally fight my way out of the cosiness of the pillow and sheet to get going for the day but on a Sunday I wake up 2 hours earlier than on the working days. Crazy eh? Yes it is! But you got to live one raahgiri day to be able to appreciate the reason behind this craziness.

raahgiri reebok
What is Raahgiri day?

It is a cluster of fitness events that take place at the Connaught place from 6 am to around 10 am on every Sunday morning since past few months. Delhi’s traffic that usually moves at break neck speed, all engines and motors are put to halt for these hours and all you can see is people practicing and breathing fitness. From aerobics to yoga, zumba to bollywood dancing; skating, cycling, skateboard practice, football, cricket, running etc – it is like a rich platter of physical activities served with the seasoning of fresh morning air that scintillates the heart of every fitness lover ranging from a 5 year old to the one in mid 70s.

Raahgiri fitness
The place where cars remain jammed for the whole week, where honks and hustle is all you hear; is turned into a place with gala music and thousands of city people moving their butt with cheerful fresh smiles. There are activities for all kind and age of people. You may chose and get started anywhere you want and may even switch between different activities from time to time.

cycling fitness
The USP of Raahgiri according to me:

It is the enthusiasm of the people participating in as well as organising the events that takes the whole thing to a different level. Maa kasam.. I haven’t seen such kind of enthu hearts even at an India- Pakistan match.. Ya.. and I am not exaggerating. I witnessed 70 year old couple running along the track of 5-10 year old skaters. While I was gasping between two songs in Zumba dancing, an old man who could barely stand on his shivering legs was performing all the moves that he could with his hands up in the air. And mind you, his pace could be slow but he didn’t stop between any two songs. From pregnant women to specially-able, from Indians to foreigners, from ‘ab holders’ to ‘flab holders’, I witness all every given Sunday. People rush in with all their hearts to enjoy and to participate and I cannot describe you in words what it feels to be a part of such a huge, extremely positive fitness event.

fitness event delhi
My personal favourite event:

It’s Zumba. Members of Delhi Salsa club are the ones conducting the stage and I am in love with each one of them and their inspiring personalities. At 10, they literally have to plead the mob to clear the area where Dilliwalas are just not ready to buzz from the place. I am one amongst them; all sweaty by 10 but standing in a hope that they might play just one more no.

fitness event at CP

If I were to list down the perks of living in Delhi; ‘to be able to be a part of Raahgiri day’ would make place in my top 10.

I highly and mightily recommend each one of you to be a part of it at least once and you never know you might become a Raahgiri regular. They have started Raahgiri day at Gurgaon as well. Chandigarh and Mumbai is on the upcoming list too. If you have been at Raahgiri, please do share your experience in the comments below.
Until next time, take care!

P.S. How to get there and costing:

The best option is to come by metro to Rajiv chowk station and exit doors will land you up at ‘The’ place.
There are no charges for any event. You just got to have the spirit to get up and get there.

Are you ready for Rahgiri?

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