Ragi And Urad Dal Uttapam Recipe (Easy Veg Pancakes)


Ragi And Urad Dal Uttapam Recipe

Hi beautiful people

How are you all doing? Are you still cooking as enthusiastically as in the initial days of lockdown? I am so done with cooking after making all sorts of healthy as well as unhealthy meals at home. This Coronavirus has made most of the people kitchen experts.

The only thing left unused in the kitchen pantry was a pack of Ragi flour. For quite some time I was planning to do something with it and finally today I used it for making a healthy breakfast.  Take a look…

Ragi And Urad Dal Uttapam Recipe

Ragi And Urad Dal Uttapam Recipe

Before I move to the ingredients and recipe directly, let me talk a little about the nutritional value of the two main ingredients used in this recipe. Ragi flour and white split urad dal paste are the two things that I have used as the prime ingredients.

Let me show you the nutritional value chart of these two main ingredients;

Ragi flour and White split urad dal

Ragi Flour nutritional data

Ragi is the best food for those who are struggling with diabetes and weight issues. You can read all about the benefits of Ragi here… 

To tell you in brief it is high in fiber and stays in your stomach longer to make you feel fuller for a longer duration. Another health benefit is its calcium content. If you are not happy consuming milk then this surely can be a good substitute. Not only for diabetics but also recommended for people having cholesterol problems.

As you can clearly see from the carbohydrate content is much higher so those following the Ketogenic diets need to avoid it.

White split urad dal nutritional data

White split Urad dal which we Indians know as Dhuli Urad dal is the one that is used to prepare Idli, Dosa, Vadas, and Dahi vada too. It is of high nutritional value due to its protein, calcium, and iron content.

The Uttapam Recipe Tip

Well, before I give you the recipe, I must admit that I thought of making this healthy breakfast due to one more reason and that was that I had made Vada Sambar a day before so had a lot of White urad dal paste leftover in the fridge. So one tip that I would give you all is to leave the dal paste out in the room temperature for four to five hours during summers and overnight during winters will help you in making fluffier Uttapam.


(For two big pancakes)

  1. 4 tbsp Ragi flour

  2. 2 heaped tbsp White split Urad dal (Soaked and ground)

  3. Half tomato finely chopped

  4. Half onion finely chopped

  5. Half capsicum finely chopped

  6. A tbsp thick curd diluted with water or buttermilk

  7. Curry leaves

  8. Salt and red chili powder to taste

Now all you need to do is mix all ingredients well. Remember the consistency should be easily spreadable yet not runny.

Spray or spread a tsp of oil or ghee on the hot nonstick or Dosa pan. Spread the batter.

How much in one go will depend on the size preference of yours. I made a few small uttapams to be had as finger food while a few bigger ones for breakfast.


Cover then cook on both sides. Make thinner ones if you like but for that, your batter needs to be a little runny.

Here is what I served at breakfast with coconut chutney … Yes, one more thing, due to Ragi flour your Uttapams might turn out to be a little darker than the regular ones, but the taste is amazing.

So wasn’t my Ragi And Urad Dal Uttapam Recipe easy? When are you making your version of Ragi- Urad Dal Uttapam Recipe?

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