Ragi Health Benefit & Weight Loss – Ragi Dosa Recipe

Raagi dosaa healthy recipes weight loss

Ragi Health Benefit & Weight Loss – Ragi Dosa Recipe

Ragi is not a very popular dish in North India as in South. I started using it when I saw some baby food recipes which were made  out of Ragi. Few of the common name of Ragi which I got from Wikipedia are as follows:- Bengali, Nepali: Marwa, Marthi, Gujarati: Nachani, Bavto, Hindi: ragi, mandika

Let me share with you few of the reason why I like Ragi in my food:-

1) It’s high in fiber and after having it your stomach is full for longer duaration. One cheela is good enough for my appetite if I have it with good amount of sambhar and coconut chutney.

2) It has lot of calcium in it so if you are watching milk intake then this can be a good substitute.

3) It is recommended to diabetic as well to those who are suffering from cholesterol problem.

By the way Ragi is definitely not for those who are on Paleo/wheat belly or only protein diet as its a grain and has lot of carbs in it.

So here goes the Ragi dosa recipe

I will not be writing about the sambhar and coconut chutney recipe as I think if you thinking of ragi dosa then you must be knowing both of their recipes.

Raagi dosaa healthy recipes weight loss

I am not a person with lot of patience , therefore I get this dosa batter from outside in which I add the ragi flour. I make my own raagi flour just by grinding ragi and not sieving it. Dosa batter portion is 1/4th and ragi flour is 3/4th. I keep the batter overnight and sometime for 3-4 hours.

Dosa batter raagi

Cook the dosa on low flame, with this it comes out crisp and crunchy. It generally takes me around 10-15 minutes to make one ragi dosa so  please don’t treat every one with it otherwise you will end up spending hours in the kitchen 😛

To make the dosa grease the pan lightly with oil and spread the batter in circular motion when oil is hot. Pour a little oil along the edges while cooking. When crisp, fold over and serve hot.

Raagi dosa healthy recipe

I use minimum of oil while making it and my healthy dosa is ready to be eaten :). You can make idli with the same batter but keep the consistency of the batter little thick.

Ragi Dosa Recipe

Do let me know if you have any of your favourite Ragi recipe  in the comment section 🙂