Ram Kapoor And His Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss Story

Ram Kapoor's Amazing weight loss story

Ram Kapoor And His Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss Story

Some times you get such surprises in life which make you feel good as well as bad. One such latest surprise is Ram Kapoor and his Intermittent Fasting weight loss story. It came with the Instagram post of the actor Ram Kapoor. Internet was suddenly full of Ram Kapoor’s weight loss pictures and his selfies. It sure is an excellent feeling to see your favorite actor looking younger and healthy though can’t say if a very happy one for all those fans like me who loved the rolly polly romantic husband of the TV show ‘Bade Acche Lagte hain’. Oh! I loved ‘The Ram Kapoor’ who was happy being ‘Golu’ but his new avatar is actually awesome.

Ram Kapoor And His Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss Story

Ram Kapoor shook up his fans from slumber with the caption on his Instagram picture, “Wassssup peeps! Long time no see”. Believe me, many fans like me had to check the name of the person in the picture to recognize him after his extreme weight loss transformation. Omg! Love, love, love that salt and pepper look with those intense eyes.

Ram Kapoor Before and after.

Ram Kapoor Diet for weight loss

We had been liking the way Intermittent Fasting works for weight loss and after seeing Ram Kapoor’s results, IF looks like the best way to lose weight for Indians. Let us take a look at Ram Kapoor’s diet during his weight loss journey.

Our foodie Ram Kapoor as we all knew him took a big step by opting for 16/8 Intermittent fasting. He fasts for 16 hours and in his 8 hours eating window keeps a strict note of his calorie intake. You can read about Intermittent fasting here.

He has adopted the 16/8 intermittent fasting schedule, where he fasts for 16 hours daily and eats only between noon to early evening by 7-8pm. Ram Kapoor had been following this routine for almost two years now and his hard work and dedication has visibly paid off. After losing a whopping 30 kg extra weight our “Golu” Ram Kapoor is looking dapper in all his pictures on Instagram.

Ram Kapoor And His Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss Story

Ram Kapoor’s Workout Routine
Ram’s mornings start with waking up and going directly to the gym for heavy weight training. He does it empty stomach (Read about the effectiveness of working out empty stomach here).

After closing his eating window he switches to intense cardio before hitting his bed.

It took Ram Kapoor two years to reach from fat and flabby to all toned up healthy person. Though we loved the earlier version of Ram Kapoor as the perfect Punjabi husband, yet his new look will surely cater well to a ‘cool dad’ kind of role. Fat or not hardly matters to the fans of Ram Kapoor like me but surely what makes us happy is to watch a healthier and fitter actor, husband, father enjoying his life in a better way.

We know that Ram wishes to lose around 30 kilos more nevertheless wish you a grand success in reaching your goal weight soon. Stay focussed and fit.

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