Randeep Hooda’s Rapid Weight Loss – 18 Kgs In 28 Days!


18 Kgs In 28 Days-Randeep Hooda’s Rapid Weight Loss!

Hello All!!!!

It has been a while since we have come up with a celebrity weight loss post! Here is some Bollywood news! However, this post is not going to inspire you. You are in a for a shock! Get ready!

The handsome Randeep Hooda has lost a whooping 18 kilos is 28 days flat! OMG! This is for a movie ‘Sarabjit’. The actor has made the effort of losing so much weight to do justice to his role of a man who got imprisoned in a Pakistani jail for several years and was later killed by fellow inmates. From one angle his move is laudable as he has taken the pains to look apt for the film. However, this is not right from the health point of view. Losing so much weight suddenly can result in a lot of health problems for the actor.

Rapid weight loss is just not right from the medical angle! Losing too much weight suddenly can increase the risk of heart diseases part from other risks. This is a signal for those of you who just want to lose weight without giving a thought to your health. Ideally an individual should lose only ½ to 1 kilo a week. There are people who manage to lose 15 to 20 kilos in a month by crash dieting but this kind of weight loss cannot be maintained for long. By crash dieting you slow down your metabolism that helps you regain the lost weight later. In a nutshell, weight loss by crash dieting doesn’t last long! Apart from that rapid loss of weight can lead to malnourishment, depression, mood swings and the like.

Randeep hooda weight loss

The photo of the actor speaks volumes of his health condition and well-being. You surely don’t want this kind of a look!!! These days actors are toying around with their bodies just to justice to the role they play in the films. Gaining and losing weight is by no means a joke but our stars have made it so. Read here! Bhumi Pednekar had gained 20 Kgs to play her role in the movie Dum Laga Ke Haisha. She shed all that weight later but in a steady manner. You can read about Bhumi Pednekar’s weight loss here. A while back Priyanka Chopra had managed to knock off 7 kgs in 20 days post Mary Kom. She had to lose the bulky look of a boxer to fit in for her role in Dil Dhadakne Do. Priyanka was given 20 days to lose all the weight she had gained in one year to play Mary Kom. When that was not considered to be safe, how can 18 kgs in 28 days be reasonable!!!

Weight loss has to be done slowly keeping the nutrition requirements of the body and exercise in mind. Weight loss should happen in such a way that it doesn’t appear drastic. Rapid weight loss is temporary and if you really want weight loss to happen, you should do so in a steady manner.

So, don’t fall for rapid weight loss gimmicks! Make valid lifestyle changes and lose weight the right way. After all, your health is wealth and you should not be playing around with it.

Take care of yourself!

Hope you won’t get into rapid weight loss!!!

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