Rape News Every Day-How It Affects Every Indian Woman?


Rape News Every Day-How It Affects Every Indian Woman?

Hello Everyone,

Today is a special day for people of Delhi! Election results are out and all TV channels are trying their best to get the most of the TRP’s! Yesterday’s news will soon become an old story!

Yes I am talking about one of the most horrifying rape cases – Rohtak’s rape case in which a Nepali woman was brutally raped and killed.

Rape News Every Day india

Her rapists murdered her and disposed her body in an area where animals feasted on her.  Her body was half eaten and some organs was missing from her body. Perhaps animals also thought when humans don’t spare each other, why should we not have party 🙁

The woman had several injuries in her private parts. Condoms and sticks were found in her vagina. A 16 cm long stick was found in her vagina which perhaps was longer and broke inside her. Two stones were found from her anus. This is exactly the replica of Nirbhaya case that still sends us shivers in our spine. I was not only shocked and deeply hurt, I lost my sleep for a night. When I saw the news about this case, I threw up!

We, the common Indian people are so used to reading and hearing news of rape cases everyday that we have started taking casually. The sad irony is that women also take it causally. Rapes happening everyday is a brutal reality and we all have accepted it, including me. Unless a case like Rohtak case emerges and shakes us up, we see the news and we forget it!

We, the entire WiseShe group have always worked on women empowerment. Our entire team is women centric and we strongly believe that women are not equal to men but way more superior. And we are superior, who gives the right to any man to rape us anytime wherever whenever he wants?

Rape News Every Day

I have not been able to concentrate on work past 2 days, I want to know reactions of all women out here on this case. I also want to know what would YOU do to change this so called trend? Because if we also just talk and forget, who is going to save us? Honestly, no one would come to rescue at “that” crucial time, God forbids if it happens to anyone of us.

Let us stop expecting help from people. I am not saying we should not protest and demand safety from Government and all “strong” men out there. We must protest but not just protest. We now need to take responsibility to save ourselves and entire women community. We must make our self that strong to at least can fight one attacker if not a gang.

Let us become so aware and cautious all the time that no man thinks about touching us. Let us not forgive even the tiniest unwanted touch of a man and teach him a lesson of his life. You must have watched woman humiliating an old man trying to touch her inappropriately in a flight. If we set these kind of examples, people will think a hundred times before trying to act indecently.

We at IWB will do our bit to help women become a bit stronger. We hope to build a little bit of courage in every woman out there to fight against rapes and to escape such happening. In the coming days, we sadly are going to start the “Avoid Rape Series”. We will discuss self defense strategies, various safety apps, precautions in this series. In short, we will discuss anything under the sun to reach every women and do our bit to save our own selves.

Let me know your thoughts!


Let us fight against the hideous crime!

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