Raw Food Diet- Does It Work?


Raw Food Diet- Does It Work?

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People do a whole lot of things to lose weight. They follow weird fad diets and try all kinds of tricks on themselves. The truth is that there is no shortcut to weight loss. Everybody loses weight only the hard way! Here is another diet called the raw food diet. Read along and find out whether the raw food diet is really effective or not.

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The raw food diet is low in calories and it resembles the vegan diet. The aim of this diet includes weight loss, betterment of health and also the betterment of the environment. This diet claims that raw food is loaded with natural enzymes and nutrients that help the body in becoming healthy and enables weight loss.

How did this diet come into being?

This diet is linked to the 17th century when a doctor found that he could treat his jaundice by eating apples. This lead to a series of experiments that tested the effect of raw food on humans and this way the diet came into being.

What is the raw food diet about?

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The term ‘raw food’ means food that has not been exposed to pesticides or herbicides, processed, cooked, microwaved, irradiated or genetically engineered. Foods included in this diet are fresh fruits, veggies, berries, nuts, seeds and herbs in their natural state. Followers of this diet say that cooking kills most of the vitamins and nutrients present in food. There is not much scientific evidence to back this logic though. People who follow this kind of a diet are known to consume only half of the calories that they would consume when they eat cooked food.

What food is allowed in this diet?

The raw food diet has many variations. Usually, 75 to 80 percent of food consumed in this diet will be food based on plants and would never be heated above 115 degrees F. There are people who follow a 100 percent raw diet but the count of such people is less. Most of the followers of this diet are vegan but few prefer consuming raw milk, cheese (from raw milk), raw fish and other raw meat. This diet involves eating a lot of fresh fruits and veggies, seeds, nuts and sprouts. This means a lot of cashews, sunflower seeds and almond butter(raw). Sprouted grains and legumes are also consumed. Coming to oils cold pressed olive oil (extra virgin), raw coconut oil and coconut butter. The diet has space for fresh juice and herbal tea.

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Is this diet effective in weight loss?

Most probably you will lose weight if you follow the rules of the diet. Studies have found that those who follow a raw food diet consume lesser calories and also weigh less than people who follow other types of diets.

Is it good for heart health?

Things are not clear in this regard, but eating raw food can have a positive effect. Diet that has lots of fruits and veggies in it with fewer amounts of saturated fat and salt is beneficial for one’s cardiovascular health.

Effect of this diet on diabetes

There is no good evidence that shows that this diet can be beneficial for those who are suffering with diabetes.

Health risk of this diet

There can be a risk of food poisoning when you eat raw milk, meat, fish or eggs. You need to be careful in choosing safe food for yourself. It is an extremely restricted diet that can cause growth problems for people from all walks of life. This diet plan is not good for children and infants.

Want to try the raw food diet?

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