Raw Juice Therapy – What Is It?


What Is The Raw Juice Therapy About?

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The human body constantly builds and repairs cells and needs to be nourished. Each hour the body produces around one billion cells that amount to 24 billion cells every day. We need nutrition for that and bingeing on unhealthy food is a really bad idea. Nutritional deficiencies can make your skin and hair appear dull and can cause weakening of bones and loss of muscle mass. There can also be serious health issues.

Raw juice therapy

Liquid diet for weight loss- juices

According to experts, 30 to 85 % of nutrition present in food is lost when it is cooked and that is why it is advised that you stick to a raw diet that has a combination of raw veggie juices.

When food is heated beyond 114 degrees Fahrenheit certain vital enzymes and nutrients are lost. Eating only cooked food that does not have these enzymes deprives you of nutrients. This results in ailments such as arthritis, heart diseases or diabetes.

Also, raw veggies and fruits have the same kind of acid and alkaline properties that make up the cells of the body and hence are well suited for maintaining their normal and healthy function.

Animal proteins, alcohol, refined foods, canned foods, overcooked foods, coffee, grains cause fermentation and increase acidity in the stomach. This way the enzymes are not optimized in the digestive system. You need alkaline minerals to balance the acid and this can only be obtained by consuming fresh fruits and veggies.

The juice of raw veggies, fruits, herbs and grasses help the body to restore itself and regenerate effectively and maintain the right levels of enzyme. They have all the minerals, amino acids, salts and vitamins required by the body. They also contain fibre that helps in eliminating excess toxins and reducing the levels of cholesterol. Apart from that, digestion and assimilation is even faster as it helps in saving energy which can be used for restoration and healing.

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Raw juice therapy can cure a huge rage of diseases. Check it out the list of veggies!

  • Spinach helps aid digestion and lowers blood sugar
  • Bitter gourd helps in controlling diabetes
  • Carrot is effective during diarrhea and jaundice, plus it strengthens the eyesight.
  • Drinking beetroot juice strengthens the functioning of the liver and gall bladder.
  • For stomach ulcers cabbage juice is effective
  • Juice of raw onion with honey cures stomach ache and indigestion
  • Potato juice helps in curing acidity
  • Drinking pumpkin juice everyday helps in preventing and also dissolving existing kidney stones.
  • Consuming the juice of capsicum, cucumber and radish in equal proportions helps in cleansing the respiratory and digestive systems.
  • Those who have jaundice are advised to consume the juice of radish with a pinch of turmeric.
  • A turnip, carrot, cabbage juice helps in reducing mucous.
  • Tomato juice is helpful in cleaning the system and preventing artery hardening, maintaining the right alkalinity of the blood and resistance to disease.
  • Fenugreek leaf juice is helpful in treating insomnia and headache.
  • Buttermilk mixed with coriander leaf juice is great for treating indigestion, nausea and dysentery.

Things to remember while drinking the juice of veggies

You need to drink the juice of the veggies as soon as it is extracted or else it will start losing its nutritional value. Raw juice therapy involves drinking the juice either daily or at least 2 times and 3 times a week. Unless specified otherwise, you must drink the juice on an empty stomach first thing in the morning.

Note: Raw veggie juice may not suit some people so exercise caution!

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