Know The Top 8 Reasons Behind Your Belly Fat


Top Reasons Behind Belly Fat

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With the Covid-19 lockdown going on, the worst thing happening at home is ‘increasing belly fat’. Right! Let us discuss about…

Know The Top 8 Reasons Behind Your Belly Fat

Belly fat not just looks bad but is also unhealthy. It is risk factor for diseases like metabolic syndrome, heart disease, cancer and type 2 diabetes. Medically, this unhealthy fat in the belly is called visceral fat. Even people who weigh normal but have excess belly fat have a higher risk of health problems.

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Reasons Behind Belly Fat

1) Sugary foods and beverages

Are sugary drinks bad for health-soft drinks

Many people consume more sugar than they realize. High-sugar foods are not just candies and cakes but also healthy stuff like frozen yogurt. Sugary soft drinks and tea sweetened with sugar are also culprits.

2) Alcohol

Alcohol for the calorie conscious

Alcohol is not always harmful. When something like red wine is consumed in moderate amounts it can lower the risk of heart attack and stroke. However, moderation is the key, high amounts of alcohol can lead to inflammation, liver issues and many other health problems. Studies show that alcohol suppresses the burning of fat and the extra calories get piled on to the belly.

3) Trans-fats


Trans-fats fall in the category of the unhealthiest fats on Earth. Hydrogen is added to unsaturated fats to make trans-fats that are more stable. They are used in packaged foods like baking mixes, crackers and muffins to prolong their shelf life. These fats cause inflammation that leads to insulin resistance, heart disease and many more. Animal studies also suggest that diets containing trans fats can cause belly fat.

4) Fruit juice


Do you begin your day with a glass of packaged juice? The so called ‘healthy’ fruit juice that is available in a tetra pack is nothing but your enemy in disguise. Even the one that claims to be 100% fruit juice has a lot of sugar added to it. In fact it has the same amount of sugar as found in cola and at times even more.  Fruit juice does have vitamins and minerals in it but the fructose in it leads to insulin resistance and increases belly fat.

5) Sedentary lifestyle

Are you sitting too much

Having a sedentary lifestyle is the main cause of poor health. These days people work on desks the whole day, then get into their cars reach home and sit glued to the TV. There isn’t much running around going on. This is main reason behind the rising rates of obesity, which includes abdominal obesity.

6) Stress


When you are under stress, the body produces the stress hormone cortisol. It is essential for survival but when produced in excess it can lead to weight gain. Under stress most people overeat and instead of the fat being stored all over, the hormone cortisol stores it in the belly.

7) Diets low in fibre

Fibre is essential for good health and weight management. It makes you feel full, keep hunger hormones in check and reduce absorption of calories from food. However, if you are consuming a diet high in refined carbs and low in fibre there is an opposite effect and that would be an increase in overall and belly fat.

8) Insufficient sleep

sleep tricks

If you are not getting the required hours of sleep, your health will go in for a toss. Several studies indicate that lack of sleep results in weight gain including abdominal fat. Sleep disorders can also be the reason behind weight gain.

Hope you found this post on reasons behind belly fat useful!

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