Reasons For Delayed Periods and Home Remedies


Reasons For Delayed Periods and Home Remedies

Heyaa Girlies,

This is an impromptu post about reasons for delay in periods and the remedies that have worked for me. I realize that I panic if my cycle is delayed for more than 3-4 days. I am sure all girls feel that way.

 Reasons For Delayed Periods and Home Remedies

Reasons For Delayed Periods and Home Remedies
Reasons For Delayed Periods and Home Remedies


Ooooh yes, you read it  right. If you are a couch potato ,meaning you have a sedentary lifestyle, the delay in periods is quite obvious. If you not a workout person, walking is a must. If you indulge in house hold work or have kids to take care, your workout automatically happens 🙂


I am a big time victim of stress affecting my periods. During stress , your body reduces amount of the hormone that makes you menstruate. How to destress , read here and here.

Lifestyle Changes

Your shift change at work, change in your sleeping time or change in your relationship status 😛 are some of the examples of lifestyle changes that can cause a delay in periods. The body clock struggles to adjust during these changes and hence the problem. Consistency is the key for health and fitness both.


If you are sick, your periods can be delayed. If you are anemic or have thyroid, then your cycle would be irregular. Read here how to ease irregular periods. If you change your medicines, that can also be one of the reason for the shift.

Obesity/Being Overweight

Excess weight can shift your cycles and can also stop them completely. You might have seen Ladies facing problems to conceive and the gynaec asks to reduce weight. Unfortunately, there is only one solution to this problem – lose weight, period !

Being Underweight

If you are too lean and do not have enough body fat, you will face the problem of irregular periods.  Weight gain will solve your problem, read here.

Other Causes

Menopause, Peri-Menopause and Pregnancy are a few special phases in a woman’s life when her periods can be delayed. Needless to say, consulting a Doc is a must.

Being Vegetarian

Now you might not have read this anywhere that being a vegetarian can cause a delay in periods. This comes from my experience. Whenever I stop eating eggs , my body doesn’t seem to have enough heat and there is always a delay of 2-3 days. This month I had 2 boiled egg whites in the morning religiously and my periods were right on time. If you have constraints with eating non vegetarian, please include nuts and jaggery in your daily diet.

What are your tips for handling delay in periods ?