Recipe-How To Make LCHF Bulletproof Coffee

Recipe-How To Make LCHF Bulletproof Coffee

Recipe-How To Make LCHF Bulletproof Coffee

Intermittent Fat Fasting has finally got my weighing scale dropping, yayyyy 🙂 . One of the most important aspect of Intermittent Fat Fasting is to have a Low Carb High Fat(LCHF) Bulletproof Coffee in breakfast. You remember when you all freaked out knowing about coconut oil in coffee, yaaah I am talking about that coffee 😀

Recipe-How To Make LCHF Bulletproof Coffee

I have this coffee at about 9 am before going to office. I have my lunch between 1-2 pm. This coffee keeps me full till lunch, believe me. If I am extremely hungry, I munch on some almonds and walnuts.

Recipe-How To Make LCHF Bulletproof Coffee


  • High Fat Milk – optional

  • High/Medium Cream – 2 TSP

  • Coffee

  • Stevia – optional

  • Vanilla essence – optional

  • Coconut oil – 1 TSP

  • Unsalted butter – 1 TSP


1. Brew coffee in half a mug milk and half mug water in the pan. If you are a dark coffee lover, you can skip milk and just brew coffee.

2. Meanwhile your coffee brews, add 1 TSP coconut oil, stevia and 1 TSP unsalted butter in your mug. You can add vanilla essence too to mask the smell of coconut oil if you can’t bear the smell :D.

3. While you take off pan, add 1 TSP cream and pour in your mug.

4. Mix mix mix..  if you have  a blender, blend your coffee to get the froth 🙂

Key Points

Coffee can help you burn fat, read here. You need to listen to your body how much you can consume but no more than 3 a day. I use normal Nescafe coffee, you could use green coffee beans for better fat burning.

You need sometime to develop taste for Bulletproof coffee. I am still struggling to like coconut oil, I want to but but but … 🙁 I always tell myself that coconut oil is the best for my health.. and weight too 😉 , read here.

Stevia is available online and all leading supermarkets and pharmacies , read the review here.

Unsalted butter is easily available too. I buy the one from Nandini here in Bangalore. You can check the brand available in your city, I don’t think it should be a problem.

Now a lot of you would say that one should not wake up to tea or coffee like Rujuta, I also did a post on this here. Usually people like to have bed tea or coffee to clear tummy, who doesn’t want that ? The idea of Bulletproof coffee(BPC) is not the same though. BPC is meant to keep your fat fasting going till noon so that you don’t feel hungry till lunch.

BPC is an indispensable part of LCHF, those following this lifestyle swear by it.