Is Red Wine Healthier Than White Wine?


Is Red Wine Healthier Than White Wine? Find out!

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Do you like drinking wine? Which one do you prefer – red wine or white wine? Do you know which one is healthier? If you don’t, keep reading!

Red wine has garnered lot of attention for its ability to lower heart disease and lengthening your lifespan. Find out if red wine is healthier than white wine.

How is wine made?

Wine is made from fermented grape juice. The grapes are picked and crushed and allowed to get fermented in buckets or vats.

Difference between red wine and white wine

When white wine needs to be made, grapes are pressed and the seeds, skins and stems are removed before the process of fermentation. On the other hand, to make red wine, the crushed grapes are put into the vats along with the seeds, skin and stems for it to ferment. The skin of the grapes gives wine its pigment along with various health compounds.  Red wine is rich in tannins and resveratrol.

White wine too has plant compounds good for health but in lower amounts.

Nutritionally, red wine has a slight edge over white wine as it has more of vitamins and minerals. However, white wine has lesser number of calories when compared to red wine.

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Health benefits of red wine

  • It can be helpful in reducing the risk of heart disease
  • It can help increase levels of good cholesterol or HDL
  • It can possibly slow down brain decline

Other probable health benefits of wine

Research has highlighted red wine when it comes to benefits. However, white wine along with other kinds of alcohol are also linked to health benefits.

  • Reduced chances of heart disease
  • Lowered risk of death due to heart disease and stroke
  • Improved cholesterol levels
  • Reduced risk of death
  • Reduced risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s when compared to non-drinkers.
  • Lower risk of osteoarthritis
  • Reduced risk of cancers

However, the above is has been found out from observational studies that cannot prove cause and effect. So, don’t start drinking alcohol if you haven’t touched it all your life.

A Glass Of Wine This Christmas india

Negative effects of drinking wine

When you drink too much of wine, you have to face the aftermath. WHO says that an individual should not drink more than 2 standard drinks a day for 5 days  a week.

Many countries say that 2 drinks are okay for males and one drink a day for the females. A standard drink is a 148 ml glass of 12% alcohol wine.

Drinking way too much of alcohol nullifies the health benefits. Too much of it can cause organ and brain damage. It can weaken your immune system and increase the risk of contracting infectious diseases. You can develop cancer too!

These serious health risks are the chief reasons why health experts don’t want people to start drinking alcohol especially those who want to cash in the benefits.


Now, the final question!

Is red wine healthier than white wine?

Red wine is an out and out winner when you talk about health benefits. However, consumption of alcohol should never be promoted as a path to good health. This is because the harmful effects of alcohol are massive.

If you happen to enjoy drinking wine, choose red wine as it is healthier, but avoiding alcohol is the best choice.

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