A Cooking Method To Reduce Calories In Rice Naturally


A Cooking Method To Reduce Calories In Rice Naturally

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Rice is a staple food in Asia, India, Middle East and other Central and South American countries. It is a really popular food as it is affordable and can be seasoned with spices and herbs and can be mixed well with beans and veggies. You can have a delicious meal with rice as the base. A country where dal-chawal is a really important meal, it is essential to know how rice can be made healthier.

How To Eat Rice And Lose Weight

Rice has a huge number of varieties and a wide range of nutrients to offer. Certain studies have shown that those who consume white rice in large amounts are 1.5 times more likely to suffer from diabetes than those individuals who ate smaller amounts of rice. Why is this so? It is so because white rice contains digestible starches that breakdown quickly and turn into glucose and then into glycogen. This results in a spike in the levels of blood sugar causing a yo-yo effect on it. This may increase the likelihood of developing diabetes, especially if you happen to consume rice in large quantities along with processed sugars.

Both digestible and resistant starches are found in white rice. When the digestible starch is converted into sugar, you get quick energy. However, the resistant starch is not digested by the body. It acts as a soluble fibre in the body. To sum it all up, what white rice gives us is quick energy and fibre.

Cooking method alters the chemical structure of the food

Based on how food is prepared, the chemical structure of the food can change and there can be an alteration made in its amount of good starch. It is here where food chemistry and cooking science come into play. For instance, it is heard that when you cook tomatoes, you get more of the beneficial lycopene or when spinach is cooked it absorbs more amounts of vitamins and minerals. Just like spinach and tomatoes, rice too can have a lot of chemical changes in it depending on the cooking method used.

Altering the rice cooking process can reduce the calories in it

According to research, if you are able to reduce the digestible starch in steamed rice, you can reduce the calories. The impact of this would be really huge. Digestible starch in rice is the one that gets converted to sugar and the resistant starch is the soluble fibre, as mentioned previously. So, when you are able to reduce the digestible starch, you not only reduce the content of rice that breaks down into sugar but also reduce the calories present. This concept has two benefits to offer as today there is ample material to show that consuming lesser calories gives you a longer life. And to live longer it is worth putting in efforts.

Scientists buckled up and set off to work. They tested 8 different recipes on almost 38 rice varieties in Srilanka. It was found that on adding coconut oil ahead of cooking rice and then cooling them right after the cooking was completed, they were able to alter the chemical composition of rice drastically.


The scientists explain that the oil interacts with the starch present in the rice and changes the composition. Chilling down the rice helps promote the conversion of starches. The result of doing all this is a healthier plate of rice and it doesn’t even matter if you heat it back up.

Explaining the procedure further, they said that they cooked the rice the way they normally do but when the water boils they added coconut oil before adding the raw rice. The amount of coconut oil needed is 3% of the weight of rice you are cooking. After completing the cooking process, they allowed it to cool in the fridge for 12 long hours. And that made a lot of difference! So far they reduced 10% to 12% of the calories but they expect to reduce 50-60% of the calories with other varieties of rice.

How this will effect rice eating countries?

This will make a big impact as rice is a staple food in many countries. If people are asked to cook rice with coconut oil and allow it to cool, they will happily do it when they know that the calories will get reduced by doing so. Calories can be reduced by a minimum of 10 percent to maximum of more than 50 percent depending on the rice variety and future research.

This is indeed path-breaking for all the rice lovers!

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