Tips To Reduce Foot Pain Due To Standing


Tips To Reduce Foot Pain Due To Standing All Day

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It can be really difficult to deal with foot pain especially when the pain is due to standing all day. People in the service and manufacturing sector have to stand for long hours as it is a part of their job and nothing can be done about it. In this post you will find ways to reduce foot pain due to standing all day.

What is the cause of foot pain due to standing for long hours?

Foot-pain, Reduce Foot Pain Due To Standing

Just like exercising, when you stand there is a small amount of damage made to the muscles and tissues in the feet. For every minute of standing, a tiny little micro-damage happens to your feet and that should heal. Apart from this natural tissue damage, foot pain is caused by the constant working of muscles in the feet, ankles and legs.

Standing takes a consistent, steady work from several muscles all at once. The case is different when you are sitting or walking. While standing, the muscles don’t get any rest as your body weight is distributed between your two feet. This can result in swelling, pain, sore muscles and tired feet.

Ways to reduce pain while standing

Here are some tips that help your feet feel better as you stand for long hours at office:

1) Choose shoes that are comfy and supportive

running shoes

This is the most basic thing you need to do to improve your foot health and reduce foot pain due to standing for long hours. Shoes that are comfortable and supportive help in minimizing your aches and pains. Don’t buy too cheap shoes as they would not be padded enough or sturdy for your needs. Don’t be stingy in that regard. It is also recommended that you change your shoes every 6 to 8 months if you are on your feet for flat 8 hours a day all week long.

2) Place standing mats at work stations

To make standing for long hours less painful, you can request your boss to place fatigue mats at the workplace. These mats are perfect for those who do not have to move around a lot and will spend a maximum amount of time standing in the same place.

3) Orthotic Inserts

Insole inserts may not be the perfect solution by themselves but when you pair it with a set of good shoes they can do wonders for your comfort levels. Get a pair of orthotics that are custom made and match with your feet’s need. You will definitely feel better with insole inserts when you use them right.

4) Compression socks

For jobs that need a lot of standing, compression socks are the best bet. They help in keeping swelling to the lowest level possible and regulate the blood flow to the feet. These socks are also known to be good for the ankles.

So, these were some tips that would reduce the pain you feel because of standing the whole day!

Stay tuned to know about home remedies to get rid of foot pain in my next post.

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