8 Ways To Reduce Hunger And Appetite


How To Reduce Hunger And Appetite?

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In order to lose weight, you need to bring your daily calorie intake down. But when you are on a weight loss diet, there is an increase in your hunger! This can make things really difficult!

Don’t worry here are a few ways to reduce hunger and appetite.

1) Eat more protein

When you add more amount of protein to your diet, you can increase your feelings of fullness. You will eat lesser in the next meal and this will help in fat loss. Also, adding more protein to your diet prevents loss of muscles that is usually accompanied with weight loss.

2) Choose fibre rich foods


Consuming high fibre food helps in stretching the stomach, slowing down its emptying rate and affects the release of fullness hormones. Adding fibre rich beans, chickpeas and lentils to your meals will increase your feeling of fullness by 31 % when compared to meals that don’t include beans. You can also eat fibre rich whole grains.

Adopting a high fibre diet is said to provide you with nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, thereby improving long term health.

3) Choose solids over liquids

Solid and liquid calories are known to affect one’s appetite differently. It has been found that a solid snack fills you up better than a liquid snack. Also solids need more chewing and as a result there is more time for the signal of fullness to reach the brain.

4) Make your meals spicy

woman-chilli-healthy or harmful

A recent review has examined the effects of capsaicin present in hot peppers and capsiate present in sweet peppers. Both the compounds are said to decrease appetite and increase the feelings of fullness. Also, the compounds generate heat and can increase the amount of calories burned post a meal. However, further research is still needed.

5) Use smaller sized plates

Your meal portions will reduce once you reduce the size of the plate. You will consume lesser quantity of food without any feeling of deprivation. This trick can fool even an aware eater! In a study it was observed that even nutrition experts unknowingly served themselves with 31 percent more ice-cream when they were given larger bowls. So, the size of your plate or bowl matters!

6) Use a larger fork

In one study, it was observed that participants who were given bigger forks ate 10 percent lesser than those who were offered a smaller fork. According to researchers, small forks make people eat more as they feel that they are not making a progress in satiating their hunger. However, this does not apply to the spoon 😛 People eating with a larger spoon increase their food intake.

7) Exercise

Standing straight leg bicycle some simple exercises to lose belly fat

Exercising can reduce motivation to eat as it lowers the activation of brain regions that are linked to food cravings. It also reduces hunger hormones and increases feelings of fullness. According to research, both aerobic and resistance exercise influence the levels of hormones and the meal size post a workout.

8) Visualize eating foods you love

When you visualize yourself eating the foods you crave, you might actually decrease your desire to get your hands on them. A study was conducted and you won’t believe that those who had visualized themselves eating the particular food ate 60% less when they were offered the same food in reality in comparison to those who did not visualize. This visualization trick seems to really work!

Hope you found this post on ‘How To Reduce Hunger And Appetite?’ useful!

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