Reducing Foot Pain At Home – How?


Reducing Foot Pain At Home!!

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Everyone cannot have a comfortable desk job. Some people need to stand all day long due the demand of their job and what happens at the end of the day? They land up with foot pain. To know about the causes of foot pain and the tips to follow to reduce the pain please read this post – Click!

So, after a tiring day of standing all day long at office what do you do after reaching home? Do you howl in pain? Well, don’t worry there are home remedies to deal with it. They may not be proactive solutions, but they can help in getting rid of pain faster. Get ready for reducing foot pain at home!

1) Massage

foot massage-foot reflexology

There is nothing as relaxing as a foot massage. If you cannot do the one they do in a spa, you can do an easy one with a tennis ball. A tennis ball massage requires you to step on the ball and roll it around the bottom of your foot to give the complete area of your foot a massage. You can also opt for a foot massager that reduces swelling and promotes blood flow.

2) Stretching

Foot pain that arises due to constant use of legs can be partially reduced with the help of the right kind of foot stretching. You need to do stretches that work for your lower legs, hamstrings, quads and feet.

3) Exercise

There are certain exercises that help in curing foot pain at the comfort of your home. These include yoga moves on the back that help in putting fluid back into circulation, soft cardio moves that are not done on the feet and general fitness moves.

Exercises can be benefit you more than just getting the blood pumping properly again. It is a great way to help reduce the amount of pain you will experience every time you have to stand for long hours.

Your pain can also be due to weight issues. In that scenario regular exercise can help you lose weight and reduce foot swelling as well as the pain at home itself.

4) Using ice and elevating feet

Ice Pack foot pain, reducing foot pain at home

If you notice that your feet are swollen and painful when you reach home, it would be better to take time out and apply ice and keep your feet elevated.

You can keep your feet in a bowl of water and ice and massage your feet with a frozen bottle of water. You can apply an ice pack with a thin insulation against your skin. Elevation of your feet will help in redistribution of fluids around the body instead of stagnating them in swollen foot and leg areas.

The bottom line

Get the above home remedies to action and lead a life that is pain-free. Foot pain can be pretty crippling but you must not bring the show to a full stop just because of that.

Hope you found this post on reducing foot pain at home useful!

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