Why are you in need of a Refeed Day? Part 2


Why you need a Refeed Day?

Part 2

Our last post was all about the positives of a refeed day. You can read about it here…Why are you in need of a Refeed Day? Part 1

Keeping the details going about why are you in need of a Refeed Day, here is Part 2 of the post that discusses all about the negatives of a refeed day.

Negatives of a refeed day

Not much research done on Refeed day

The human body is highly sophisticated and it is difficult to understand the complete relation with adaptive thermogenesis and the body’s metabolism. Sometimes even days of calorie restriction might not tigger that.

Losing your strict diet is easier during Refeed day

Even if they say that the refeed day is a highly planned step, once you have started consuming your favorites, your cravings might go on. So to control this you should have a balanced approach so that the cravings can be controlled.

Refeed day constitutes a part of diet

A more conservative approach should be adopted for the weight loss approach. This is because even though refeed day is a one time activity, it constitutes a part of the diet. A modest calorie restriction along with increased physical activity should be used to lose weight.

Sample menu for Refeed day

This is what a general refeed day looks like. The thing that is to be kept in mind is that the portions of each food might vary according to your weight and other requirements.


  • 3–4 whole wheat chapatis with honey, nuts, and a serving of plant protein.


refeed day

  • 1 cup (225 grams) of cottage cheese with some fresh berries or melon chunks.


refeed day

  • Vegetable or chicken sandwich with whole grain bread filled with tomatoes, lettuce, some mayonnaise, and cheese.


  • Any fruit shake made with cow or plant milk, with bananas, berries, seeds, and whey protein powder.


150–200 grams of chicken breast, or cottage cheese with upto 300 grams of cooked brown rice, with upto 300 grams) of sautéed vegetables.



  • 1/2 cup of your favourite pudding.

On your refeed day you need to follow an eating plan that is similar to that of your daily regular diet but all that you need to do is, add additional servings of carbs to each meal. If you are able to manage that then you are good to go.

Things to be careful about-

  • Refeed only when you need it desperately.

  • Refeed day is not cheating day.

  • Keep an eye on your cravings.

  • Be careful about calories intake during your refeed day.

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